Thursday, May 28, 2009

kembara queensland [day 5] - 250509

another day would definitely be for another world. went to Sea World!! today, no more adventurous experience of lost. from Brisbane Transit Centre, took a train, went directly to Helensvale Railway Station. then, took a bus from there to Sea World. the best thing about today's journey was i had to pay double price for the transport [since no one was not using their concession card]. too bad~!!! haha~ however, no regrets!!! Actually, I was lucky enough to get free entrance to the park since I was using Azra's ticket [big THANKS to Azra!!!]

Sea World was awesome.

I loved this place more than the Movie World. maybe, this place had not so much thrills that could test out my nerves of bravery. haha~

soaring the skies, viewing every attraction they offered you :P

that was Captain Cook's Endeavour

first place that I went to after testing out my nerve on the Sky High Skyway!!
[tend to be scared of high places even on double decker bed. but of course not the planes :D]

enjoying good weather one of the glamorous place in Gold Coast

Shark Bay: above-water view

Shark Bay: underwater view

those divers and their guts!!! phew~!!!

touching living things created by Allah SWT
it was ray. if not mistaken, ray is somewhat related to those frightening sharks.
i also touched the Star of The Sea. bunyi sedap je, tapi it only refers to tapak sulaiman.. haha~

After visiting the sharks and their other good marine friends, went for some rides!!!
hey~! just chill out~!!!

went for said-to-be the adventurous ride of Bermuda Triangle!!!
this ride was amazing and not to be missed!!
full of high tech stuff to be enjoyed during the ride :D

the excited me and Cik Tie !!!

heading into the Volcanoes!!!

can you see the splash?!!!
that was the Viking's Revenge Flume

didn't get wet.

i played this Jet Rescue Coaster.
i had been told that it was a new thrilling ride.
it was different from any other typical coaster, coz you were riding on a jetski!!!
SCARRY, but it was FUN!!!

The Sesame Street Beach
more suitable for kiddos, but I didn't want to be missed out!!! :D

Big Bird Theater
the Stage Show - Bert & Ernie's Island Holiday
happy faces :D

hey.. that was me!!!

in other words, merry-go-round :P
that was too much.
so childish, we were :)

Imagine Dolphin Show
human-dolphin relationship
If this kind of thing can happen, the jet ski manufacturers can declare themselves bankrupt!!! haha~

after the show of the most intimate, without married relationship at Dolphin Cove

polar bear.
but why polar?
maybe the bears originated from north pole. or south pole. or any pole.

"Canadian" polar bears
i thought they were white in color.
in the map that the Sea World gave us earlier, we had been kindly asked to return to the Polar Bear Shores if the bears were napping or in their dens.
so, no more wonder about the notice given!!! haha~

Penguin Point

the care team said that the penguins were among the smallest in the world..

could you see the sea lion?
during Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show
a very funny show from 2 sea lions which were considered to be the detectives!!!

hugging the hero!!!
that was the well built Captain Cook's Endeavour

Sea World was fantastic!!! no lies~

done with Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia.

however, my journey of the day did not end there!! then, went to Surfers Paradise.
lots of skyscrapers!!! architects did really show their talents here :D no wonder people said that it is the JEWEL of Gold Coast. and not only the architects, artists also "showed off" their talents here.. sand sculptures were so nice.. but very hard to be understood. what were they trying to show us? i did not know. and still, don't know. haha~

Clock Hotel
kenapa ada banyak sangat bangunan with clocks in Australia?
symbolic, maybe.. haha~

blow a didgeridoo. it was an Australian Artcraft.

part of the sand sculptures
i did not know what they were meant for.
was it only an art?
or more than that?

Cik Tie told me that, for every year, there would be Schoolies week celebrated there in Surfers Paradise. Hotels were fully booked. Crowded bars. That was the time when all the high-school graduates from all parts of Australia came there. It was considered as a tradition for the Australian schoolies. They got drunk, involved in drugs and partying at all the time. And few years back, there was this high-school graduate who fell of an apartment balcony and died. What a serious case, and yet, they still continued with this celebration. Sigh~ may we, Malaysians did not do such stupid things. and may we all be able to think maturedly in our actions.. Insya Allah.

haunted shop with Miss Vampire

with the tile of the famous Elvis Presley

Surfers Paradise
my specs... argh~!!!

time for Nando's before heading home

that's all :D


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