Thursday, December 31, 2009

pintu gerbang

[picture was taken on 24.12.09]


i've been living here in Kelantan, for the past 4 years [yeah, almost!].
yet, only a few places i have visited so far.
when i started to think about it, these 4 years are such a waste.
i can actually be a student, as well as a visitor.
started thinking about it again,
what a waste!
i should visit more places next year.
that's it!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


one of my friend told me the truth.
and she asked me to think thoroughly, as an adult.
actually, it's not that i had never think of it before, but i didn't take it seriously.

Allah knows what is inside urs and mine.
So, hopefully, I'm not worrying too much.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

it's the Eid season

there are 2 memorable and unforgettable occasions which were so special that happened during this Eid season.

the first one was...

gave Cikgu Majid [my homeroom teacher when I was in MJSC Lenggong in year 2003 and 2004] a call.

me: Assalamualaikum, Cikgu. ni Aainaa ni. Selamat Hari Raya, Cikgu.
Cikgu: Owh, Aainaa. Selamat Hari Raya. Kamu apa khabar, skang?
me: Baik, baik. Cikgu plak macam mana? Buat apa lepas bersara?
Cikgu: Cikgu sihat je. Cuma skang kena makan ubat, pasalnya ada darah tinggi. Skang ni, duk-duk rumah je. Berkebun sket-sket. Aina kat USM lagi ke?
me: Haah.. kat USM lagi. lambat lagi, Cikgu. Skang ni tahun ke-4. Ada setahun lagi, Insya Allah..
Cikgu: Owh.. dah x lama dah tu..
me: Jap eh, Cikgu.. Ayah nak cakap dengan Cikgu.

after finished chit-chatting on the phone...

Ayah: Cikgu Majid cakap suara na masih sama macam kat Lenggong dulu.
me: sama? sama macam mana?
Ayah: Ayah pun tak tau. Cikgu Majid tu masih ingat lagi aina.

another one was...

a simple message was sent by me...


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Dr Hazar.
Maaf Zahir & Batin.

`Aainaa Nur Raihana Abdullah
R1 PASUM 05/06

a simple message had been replied from Dr Hazar...

Salam. Thanks Aainaa.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to u 2. Entah nape ramai ex-assasian ingat saya hari ni.
How r u? Aainaa d USM kan?
Work hard n take care.

- Dr. Hazar Bebe

felt good that my PA [Penasihat Akademik] from the college [which i have graduated from about 4 years ago] still could remember me even though i was not really a good student who keep on asking questions and knocking on the lecturers' doors.

it made me realize that, students always and tend to forget who their teachers are, but not the other way round. so, call up your teachers, especially around this special Eid season and greet them with suprised wishes.


Friday, September 18, 2009

J'en ai marre [I'm fed up!]

Alizee- J'en ai marre (English version)

Bubbles and water
Legs up for hours
My goldfish is under me
To bathe for hours
Makes my mouth water
I'm "foamely" ecstatic
It's not a problem
I lazy 'round
Bubbly and stubborn
I lazy 'round
Melon and water
Is just a dream
It makes me wonder
Is it a "sin" ?

Bubbles and water

Legs up for hours
"Bombs", you keep away from me!
Today lying low
Twisting up my toes
I swim in such harmony
So what bothers me

Chorus :
I'm fed up with loneliness
With my uncle overstressed
Fumbling, crawling for something
That never shows, just a dream.
I'm fed up with creeps crying
Over the past, such a sin
Not to be cool, but a fool
If I could mess up their rules.
I'm fed up with your complaints
Baby, well I'm not a saint!
Fed up with the rain, the plane...
That makes me throw up again.
I'm fed up with all cynics
Bathing caps and all critics
I'm fed up with being fed up! Poor me!

Bubbles and water
Legs up for hours
My goldfish still under me!
Delight of pleasures
Aquatic treasures
A place out of misery, my fantasy.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a lesson for said-to-be world class uni

UM ambil masa 5 tahun semak rekod pelajar?

PAGI 24 Ogos 2009, saya mendapat satu panggilan telefon. ‘‘Hello, siapa di sana,’’ saya menyapa ringkas. Jawab pemanggil, ‘‘Saya buat panggilan dari Universiti Malaya... boleh saya bercakap dengan Aina?’’ Jawab saya, ‘‘Anak saya berada di USM Kubang Kerian, kenapa?’’ Tanya saya pendek.

‘‘Mengikut rekod kami, beliau masih lagi berhutang dengan universiti sebanyak RM200 lebih iaitu yuran standard yang dikenakan kepada setiap pelajar yang memasuki Pusat Asasi Sains UM sebagai yuran pendaftaran.’’ kata pemanggil itu.

‘‘Aik!’’ Jawab saya dengan rasa terkejut. Jelas saya lagi, ‘‘Takkan selepas empat tahun lebih, pihak universiti baru perasan yang anak saya tidak menjelaskan yuran pendaftaran kemasukan. Sedangkan semasa dia mendaftar di Pusat Asasi Sains UM pada bulan Mei 2005 dahulu, saya yang menjelaskan yuran ini di bank iaitu mengikut arahan sebagaimana dalam surat tawaran.’’

‘‘Kerana syarat pendaftaran, pelajar tidak boleh didaftarkan sehingga pelajar itu tidak menunjukkan slip bank yang membuktikan yuran pendaftaran telah dijelaskan. You all ni tak buat kerja ke?’’ Saya mulai naik marah.

Inikah standard yang dikatakan universiti bertaraf World Class. Sehinggakan ambil masa hampir lima tahun untuk mengesan seseorang pelajarnya yang tidak menjelaskan yuran.

‘‘Ini bukan salah saya lagi. You all semak la dengan bank sebab slip bank yang kita gunakan itu ada tercetak butiran lengkap nama pelajar dan nombor kad pengenalan. Salinan slip bank ini juga kami serahkan semasa pendaftaran dahulu. Itu tugas you sekarang, saya tidak mahu masuk campur. Saya tidak kira berapa puluh tahun lagi you nak semak, you semak. Yang pasti, saya hendak bersihkan nama anak saya itu daripada rekod yang telah dicap liat menjelaskan hutang akibat kecuaian orang lain,’’ ujar saya lagi.

Dalam tempoh tersebut, saya tidak pernah pula menerima sebarang notis tuntutan tunggakan yuran tersebut. Sedangkan saya sudah tinggal di alamat yang sama lebih 20 tahun. Sekarang zaman ICT yang canggih- manggih. Apakah Universiti Malaya sebagai universiti yang tertua di rantau Asia ini masih tidak berubah menyemak rekod pelajarnya menggunakan kaedah teknologi purba.

Walaupun ini merupakan kes terpencil, pada saya masalah berkaitan dengan kewangan ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku dalam tempoh yang begitu lama. Cuba andaikan pelajar itu tidak lagi menyimpan rekod-rekod pembayaran yang dibuat. Apakah pihak universiti bersedia untuk menimbang bagi mengabaikan begitu sahaja hutang tersebut? Tentunya tidak.

Senario ini hanyalah untuk renungan mereka yang telah diberi amanah. Kadang-kadang kita lupa amanah yang dipertanggungjawab itu amat berat dipikul kepada orang yang tahu nilainya. Kecuali bagi mereka yang menilainya dengan kebendaan.

Alhamdulillah, praised be to Allah SWT. My name and my dignity had been cleared from that title of "LIAT MENJELASKAN HUTANG". However, I was very frustrated with that university. Four years ago, I was so frustrated since I was not listed as one of the students in that university despite all the "janji manis" the university made. And now, they blamed me for not paying my fee. Maybe, they should go and revise the system which they already had for future convenience.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

neurosurgeons and me

this morning was quite a surprise :)

i was given a considered-to-be once in a life time experience (if i won't end up as a neurosurgeon which i think a no-no for me).. Dr. Sani Sayuthi (one of the neurosurgeons) was asking a question, and i thought he was asking us (anna, sim and me) to do the lumbar puncture.. and as a usual me, i would just shake my head as a refusal!!! but then, as a result, Dr. Sani asked me to follow him.. and suddenly, the scrubbing started.. i was like, "okay... what's going on???". regretted bcoz i shook my head in the earlier part. after srubbing was done, he took out 2 sets of white packets stuff which contained surgery gowns and gloves.. [i was wondering at that time, coz i've seen how a lumbar puncture was done before, and why for this time, we have to wear such gown??] then, he started showing me on how to put on the gown.. but i did it wrongly and thus, he throwed off the gown under the troly there.. okay.. at that time, i was like kinda shocked.. coz afraid that he would scold me, but then, i was absolutely wrong.. Dr. Sani was not that kind of man who would easily get irritated in dealing with students like me.. haha~ so, after wearing the gown and glove, re-entered the operation theatre with him.. he took over the surgery from Dr. Gee and Dr. Gee was asked to teach our group for the lumbar puncture session.. so, i stood next to Dr. Muaz (who was by that time, cutting off the cranium).. holding the sucker.. given the responsibility to suck out the blood and water.. but actually, most of the time, i was only watching, watching and watching... when Dr. Sani took over the operation, Dr. Sani had my right pointing finger touching the brain... Masya Allah, that was my very first time of touching a living human brain.. the living human brain was so soft, and yet, we could still be the hard core living human.. hehe~ Dr. Sani also asked us (ghani, mawardi and me) about the cranial stuff.. anatomy in particular.. what else, i could simply answer, "I don't know".. when i stood next to him when he did the operation, he asked me, "what do i know?".. and the usual me would say, "entahlaa..". haha~ after that, Dr. Gee took over the operation.. helped in assisting him to loose and tighten the "screw" for what-so-called snake.. that was my 1st time and of coz, i didn't know on how to do it.. i did it wrong.. apa lagi?? kena sound laa dengan Dr. Gee.. huhu~ but then, Dr. Gee cakap, "Sorry.. sorry.. i bukan nak marah..". just nodded my head.. haha~ then, Dr. Sani asked Dr. Muaz to take over my place.. haha~ Dr. Sani then taught us on looking on the CT Scan and CT Angiography... and he would asked us questions, and taught us about them.. really like his style coz his style had taught me not to be a lazy medical student as i used to be.. huhu~ and by the end of the operation, i could see how's tremor Dr. Gee's hand was when he was trying to clamp the aneurysm.. and the best thing about it was i was given a chance to hold that i-don't-know what thing that was used to clamp the aneurysm.. waahaha~ suka-suka!!!! told Dr. Sani not to challenge me coz if he did, i might took over his place one day... he just laughed and asked me to prove it.. (since masuk neuroscience posting, that was the countless times I saw him not to be so garang as he used to be when i was in my 3rd year.. kalau dulu, in 3rd year, memang sangat2 takut laa nak pegi lecture dia, coz he would randomly picked and asked anyone in the lecture.. but luckily, tak pernah terkena!!!).. haha~ eventhough i was so nervous, but i tried to control it coz i always bear in mind that any strange action i do will endager the patient's life.. this is about "acting" to clump with your hand, and looking the aneurysm site with the microscope.. it was such a difficut task for a just medical student like me.. Dr. Sani said that I was QUITE good and NOT THAT BAD, but then he "mengumpat" me with Dr. Gee.. i heard that he said, probably I was not shaking so much bcoz I was not aware of what I was doing (that kind of thing.. haha~).. mawardi and ghani said i had intention tremor.. but I didn't care about it so much.. anyway, who would be bothered about it if he or she had an opportunity to help in assisting an emergency neurology surgery??? yay!!! praised be to Allah SWT for this opportunity and big THANKS to Dr. Sani for initiating me to study harder..

p/s: to dilla and ainaa is, please don't be jealous yer!!! hehe~


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


click for larger view

amazing man with amazing story :)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


yesterday, borrowed hanis's car for the 1st time. and for the 1st time, involved in a "minor" accident. got hit at the back. everyone was safe, but the car was "kemek". even though managed to handle the matter, still traumatised. stressed out. could not study at all last nite. worried excessively. i slept all the nite long. indiscretion. sigh~~

lesson: never borrow other's belongings~! haihz~


Friday, July 31, 2009


after 4 weeks, done with psychiatry.
started to miss the patients (HUSM [especially someone who once called herself as Umi from 5 Utara] & HRPZ II); who told you different kind of storiess. started to miss the patients who put their trust on you, eventhough you are not yet graduating as a doctor. and not to forget, the patients who will be paranoid with you. just bear in mind that they are still our patients, and not criminals eventhough they are bounded by an iron locked fence. do not be afraid of them. they did not ask to be like that. it is all fated by Allah SWT. please realize :)

will be entering neuroscience posting soon.
hope to do better, Insya Allah.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


witnessed an accident when we were on our ways to HRPZ II. happened to be in front of the main gate of HUSM. started thinking, since then.

Dalam mengejar kehidupan hidup dunia yang fana,
manusia terlupa menabur budi,
terlupa juga menyemai bakti...

Apakah aku kan jadi begitu juga suatu ketika nanti?


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lil info on


  • they injured themselves, but no intention to self-murder
  • usually female > male
  • young age (15-25)
  • most common method: drug overdose
  • associated with low sosioeconomic and unemployed
  • also associated with psychiatric d/o (depression, dysthmia, alcohol dependence, personality d/o)

Source: Textbook of Psychiatry 2nd Edition [Churchill Livingstone]


Monday, July 27, 2009

for log book or for long run?

had long-case exam this morning. with Prof Jamil (the best man in Department of Psychiatry). actually, it was more towards a case presentation rather than an exam. me and Aiman presented a case respectively. i got such a "SUPERB" case, but Alhamdulillah, did it (considered it as okay-okay laa).. after presented our cases, had a long chat with Prof Jamil. started because of the log-book thingy.

One of the topics: Log-book?

Prof: "Lecturers are treating students to be more childish by using the log books."

Me: "But if there is no log books, not so many students will discipline themselves to go to the ward. It's better to have log-book oriented students".

Prof: "All students now are log-book oriented without actually realize the "juice" behind it. If it is me, it does not matter how many signs the student get. Even if it 7 or 8, it will be just fine. As long as you learn the skills, it's fine. bcoz to me, you guys are here to prepare yourself, becoming a competent housement. it is for a long run, you know. Ni tidak, bila buat log book, students said lecturers are treating them childish.. tapi kalo x buat, students pulak x mau ke ward or clinic, gaining more experience. Bila ada log-book, once completed, even batang hidung pun dah x nampak. You all should not be like this, you know".

Me: [terpaku]- actually, that was my intention before. i once said to myself, when i had done with all the signature, i had no longer need to go to the ward or clinic for case clerking and etc. But now, i realized that i was wrong in my intention.

to change from a log-book oriented student --> becoming a competent student who is enjoying the long run in order to be a competent future doctor. Insya Allah.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


D- Delirium
O- Ophthalmoplegia
P- Peripheral neuropathy
A- Ataxia

A- Amnesia (Anterograde/Retrograde)
C- Confusion (Confabulation)


simple. yet, motivated!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

walk, walk and walk

this morning, went for a walk around the golf course [actually, should be called as construction site since there are few constructions going on currently] with the family. discussed some topics. but academics ones. after that, had breakfast. luahkan in direct and indirect pathways ttg masalah-masalah that we face..

felt relief bila dengar kak syu cakap,
"Yakinlah dengan Allah dan bantuanNya. tapi jangan la sampai tak berusaha langsung.."

Ye.. mungkin semua orang pun biasa dengar kan? tapi kak syu slalu reminded me about this coz i tend to forget, ever since I was in Year 1 [even now, it is still hard for me to practically practice it in my daily life]..

dulu, aku slalu fikir yang memang mudah utk orang ckp yakin, yakin dan yakin.. tapi pada hakikatnya, brapa ramai yang benar-benar percaya? berapa ramai yang merungut jika tak habis baca nota? ramai kan? boleh dikatakan, tak terkira ramainya.. [infinity!!!]

kesimpulannya, bukan mudah untuk mengubah diri secara drastik.. tp kalo gradual, Insya Allah, bole.. bak kata kak syu lagi, kalo kita betul-betul mahukan sesuatu tu, dan cuba berusaha ke arahnya, Insya Allah, boleh.. tapi dengan syarat, kita yang benar-benar mahukannya..


Friday, July 3, 2009


yesterday, gambled for the KLCC Skybridge at 2.45PM.. turned out to be SO UPSET!!! the free tickets were no longer available.. the person at the counter told us that the tickets have finished at 10.30AM.. my last wish (for this break) is gone!!! sigh~!

but whatever it is, thanks Ayah for accompanying me, be my photographer yang tak pernah jemu-jemu & melayan je my wishes!!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

benar atau logik?

Tidak semua perkara yang benar itu logik

Kisah 1: Seorang kafir (OK) berkata pada orang mukmin (OM) yang sedang berwudhuk:

OK: “Kenapa kamu wudhuk?
OM: “Aku tadi batal wudhuk sebab terkentut”
OK: ” Aku heran, kamu kentut di belakang tapi kenapa kamu cuci muka, tangan, kepala dan kaki kamu? Kenapa kamu tidak cuci tempat yang keluar kentut?

OM: “Ini arahan Tuhanku, aku taat saja”
OK: “Jelas sekali agama kamu ini tidak benar. Arahannya tidak logik sama sekali”
OM: “Kebenaran itu tidak semestinya logik”
OK: ” Apa buktinya?
OM: Yuk ikut aku

OM membawa OK ke sebuah pintu. Lalu OM memegang tangan OK, kemudian menyepit tangan OM dengan pintu itu. OK menjerit kesakitan.

OK: Aduh tangan aku sakit…tolong lepaskan tangan aku!
OM: Baiklah…inilah jawabanku: tangan kamu yang sakit, tapi kenapa mulut kamu yang menjerit.
OM pun meninggalkan OK yang bodoh sombong itu dalam kesakitan….

Tidak semua perkara yang logik itu benar..

Kisah2: Seorang kafir (OK) berkata kepada orang mukmin (OM)

OK: Tuhan kamu sungguh tidak adil
OM: Kenapa?
OK: Tuhan kamu menghukum manusia dan syaitan yang jahat di dalam neraka yang terbuat dari api. Tentu saja manusia tersiksa tapi syaitan enak saja.
OM: Kenapa begitu?
OK: Yalah…manusia dicipta dari tanah, kalau dibakar dengan api hangus, sakitlah. Tapi syaitan dicipta dari api, kalau dibakar dengan api relaks lah….tdk terasa apa-apa….
OM: Tidak begitu. Tuhan aku kata, mereka semua akan tersiksa…
OK: Ah…tdk mungkin. Logiknya manusia saja yg tersiksa, syaitan tidak

OM diam sebentar, lalu dia meninggalkan OK. Beberapa waktu kemudian OM datang lagi dengan membawa sebongkah tanah keras dan melemparnya tepat ke dahi OK. Dahi OK luka berlumuran darah. Kemudian dia membawa OM menghadap seorang hakim. Setelah mendengar cerita dari kedua belah pihak ttg kejadian itu, maka hakim bertanya pada OM.

Hakim: mengapa kamu lempar OK begitu?
OM : Maaf Tuan Hakim, OK mengatakan bahwa Tuhan tidak adil kerana menghukum manusia dan syaitan yang jahat di dalam neraka yang terbuat dari api. Tentu saja manusia tersiksa tapi syaitan enak saja sbb syaitan dicipta dari api. Logiknya memang begitu, tapi itu tidak benar. TIDAK SEMUA YANG LOGIK ITU BENAR. Sebagai buktinya saya lempar dia dengan tanah. Logiknya OK, manusia yg dicipta dari tanah kalau dilempar dengan tanah tidak sakit, bukan? Tapi buktinya OK luka dan sakit. Saya tidak bermaksud menyakitinya, saya hanya mau menjawab pertanyaannya.

Renungan kepada para pengagum Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, para saintis, filosof dan yang sejenis dengannya
Kalau begitu, siapakah sebenarnya manusia yang paling cerdik? Einstein, dll yang kafir atau orang mukmin (walaupun dia hanya tukang kebun)?


Tidak semua perkara yang benar itu logik, dan tidak semua perkata yang logik itu benar.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."
-- Albert Einstein --


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

kembara queensland [day 7] - 270509

should be no entry for day 7, since I didn't go to anywhere.
Cik Tie got an assignment to be submitted [even though it had passed its due date.. haha~]
just "lepak-ing" at home.
however, i still wanna "share" the FREE accommodation that I had been "offered".

the living room
both of the 2-seats sofas were donated

our common place to eat [another angle of view of the same living room]

the kitchen

the "small" dining room
in fact, it should be called "serving" room coz the foods were served there,
but we ate in the living room.

the corridor which connected the living room and dining room with the bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, and laundy room.
that was the extra queen sized mattress
kaya kan? still have EXTRA2!!! haha~

laundry room

the bathroom
bathtub + shower, it offered.

the toilet? [no pics shown]
just next to the bathroom.
no water running from the pipe.
coz there was no pipe in the toilet.
got to fill in the pail with water before any process could be done.
[what to do? it was Aussie's style.. haha~]

that was the mattress that i used to entertain my sweet dreams

Cik Tie's house [above unit] located along Hawken Drive

sekian sahaja kembara Queensland untuk hari ketujuh.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

selamat hari lahir

Happy birthday, ayah!!!
May Allah bless all of us.
And may we all be protected under His shelter.

Happy birthday, Alia!!! [the one at the back with pink scarf]
May Allah bless you and me, and others as well.
And may we all get more holidays this year and years ahead.


kembara queensland [day 6] - 260509

UQ trip?
yeah~ at last!!!
finally, managed to observe students' life; appearance, attitude, cultures, and etc..

instead of staying and watching TV at home, followed Cik Tie to her classes.. we had 2 lectures today.. nampak tak terlalu berat kan if compared to mine? but so boring.. i couldn't understand anything.. not that I didn't understand the slang of Australian English, but, the topics were way too boring for me!!! [hey! i wonder is there any lecture that really interest me before?!!!] my mind were somewhere else; in the fairyland, in the dreamland and wherever land else.. too bad.. sigh~!

while Cik Tie was concentrating on the topics taught, I was observing the students.. they were different from us.. but, not really totally different la..

first, let say about the punctuality to the lectures.. the students there were not punctual!!! they didn't come to class on the time they should; got into the lecture hall even after 30 minutes. we're going to be dead meat if we do the same thing, but the lecturers there didn't even bother at this important attitude.. for our lecturers, the common sentence: patient will die because of your attitude! [yeah~ lecturers for the future doctors. so, what do you expect they may say to us?] owh yes, another important attitude that is always being stressed on in Msia is the appearance; cloths, hair styles, and etc.. in UQ, students wore anything they wanted to; shorts, sleeveless, round nect t-shirts.. hairstyles? free to do any style; trojan? Beckham's? Alleycats's? red monkey's style? any styles were allowed.. but in my uni, should be no trojan, no Beckham's, no Alleycats's, no red monkey's style.. hair should be nicely combed, no dyes.. however, we're only human beings, not robots that were already programmed. that's why! we broke rules!!! haha~

then, the students themselves made the lectures as interactive sessions. Dr. AAAR was right! they read journals, books, and related stuff before entering the classes. but hey, why my friend was not like that? haha~ Cik Tie, Cik Tie... haihz~ they discussed their understandings, expressed their opinions and so on during the lectures. i think, that was quite a good attitude.. no shameful even if they didn't get themselves right.. [eventhough i'm "GOOD" in commenting, that doesn't mean anything. i'm not a student who loves to knock on lecturer's door, asking question and clarifying things I didn't understand.. but yeah~ exception for certain lecturers whom I believed that they were cute and energetic!!] and the coolest sentence from one of the lecturers was "I'm not so sure about that. I will check it out for you". i think, that was so cool.. please.. do not misunderstand me. i didn't say that there was none of Msian lecturers were like that, but I could hardly found ones, even for Msian lecturers who graduated from abroad..

should be enough of typing.
tired, i am now.


pasted on the bulletin board
it's not only a matter of religion, but also human rights

me and UQ Fountain
hopefully, my APEX uni will have one :D

UQ duckpond

students were sitting on the grass

saje buang tabiat
nak duduk atas rumput jugak!!! :P
how did i feel?
no feeling!

Hawken Engineering Building
it looks like only a bricks-building
but inside it, it has First Year Learning Centre which is AWESOME!!!

just another pretty lawn
benches were full!

what did it offer you?

it offered me questions to be answered
more interested in answering the above question :)
why is marriage such an expensive ritual?
"really??? i don't think so.
marriage is expensive because ppl wants it to be that way.
life after marriage costs more."

waisted drum.

"All our knowledge is ourselves to know." - Alexander Pope
after surfed through the wikipedia, found that Alexander Pope is the greatest English poet of 18th century.

the philosophers' names are stated on the top of the building

smiley stone :)

that organ costed thousands dollars when it was built.
i wonder how much will it cost, if it is built now.

UQ Art Museum
nice shot! thanks, Ami :P


Cik Tie yang suka berangan. haha~


they were the last members of Brisbane's Mayne family who were the long-time supporters of the university

the house behind me is the Musolla
Hawken Drive [way to Cik Tie's house]

Hawken lagi? Who is he?
he was the 1st lecturer in Civil Engineering. Later, he became Professor in Engineering at UQ. after read the wikipedia, i also managed to know that he also designed the early version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge :P

sekian sahaja kembara Queensland untuk hari keenam.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

happy together

Happy Together
by: The Turtles

Imagine me and you, I do

I think about you day and night, it's only right

To think about the girl you love and hold her tight
So happy together

If I should call you up, invest a dime
And you say you belong to me and ease my mind

Imagine how the world could be, so very fine

So happy together

I can't see me lovin' nobody but you

For all my life

When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue
For all my life

Me and you and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be
The only one for me is you, and you for me

So happy together

I can't see me lovin' nobody but you

For all my life

When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue

For all my life

Me and you and you and me

No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be

The only one for me is you, and you for me

So happy together

Ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba
Ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba

Me and you and you and me

No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be

The only one for me is you, and you for me
So happy together

So happy together

How is the weather
So happy together
We're happy together
So happy together
Happy together
So happy together
So happy together (ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba)

It's an old song, sang by The Turtles. the song is currently become a background song for one of the advertisements (which I totally forgot for now). If i'm not mistaken, the melody of this song was once became the melody for the advertisement of Ayamas.

it seems to be a bit classical, and yet, I still love it :D


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


[there's no connection between the photo and the title]

barnya, lagu ini menceritakan kehidupan Ella setelah terlibat lebih 2o tahun dalam bidang nyanyian. Perjalanan seni Ella ternyata bukan suatu yang mudah. Dia gigih, yakin dan tetap meneruskan perjuangannya dalam bidang seni. Sampai sekarang, namanya bertapak dan lagu-lagu nostalgianya masih menjadi siulan kenangan.

Rama-rama digambarkan satu kebebasan bagi seorang wanita. Cantik sayapnya namun perlu diingatkan rama-rama akan bertukar rupa juga pada masa yang sudah dijanjikan. Ya! Manusia akan berubah mengikut peredaran masa.

Rama-rama adalah simbol kepada kedamaian dan ketenangan. Manusia mana yang mahu hidup dalam derita dek peperangan dan kemusnahan. Terbangnya rama-rama yang sentiasa mewarnai alam mencerminkan satu kehidupan yang sentiasa mencabar. Hidup perlu ada satu matlamat dan tujuan.

Erti kata lain, hidup ini bukan satu permainan. Hidup satu perjuangan yang tiada penghujung. Selagi nyawa tidak bercerai dari jasad, selagi itu manusia akan mengejar impian dalam meniti titian kehidupan.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

kembara queensland [day 5] - 250509

another day would definitely be for another world. went to Sea World!! today, no more adventurous experience of lost. from Brisbane Transit Centre, took a train, went directly to Helensvale Railway Station. then, took a bus from there to Sea World. the best thing about today's journey was i had to pay double price for the transport [since no one was not using their concession card]. too bad~!!! haha~ however, no regrets!!! Actually, I was lucky enough to get free entrance to the park since I was using Azra's ticket [big THANKS to Azra!!!]

Sea World was awesome.

I loved this place more than the Movie World. maybe, this place had not so much thrills that could test out my nerves of bravery. haha~

soaring the skies, viewing every attraction they offered you :P

that was Captain Cook's Endeavour

first place that I went to after testing out my nerve on the Sky High Skyway!!
[tend to be scared of high places even on double decker bed. but of course not the planes :D]

enjoying good weather one of the glamorous place in Gold Coast

Shark Bay: above-water view

Shark Bay: underwater view

those divers and their guts!!! phew~!!!

touching living things created by Allah SWT
it was ray. if not mistaken, ray is somewhat related to those frightening sharks.
i also touched the Star of The Sea. bunyi sedap je, tapi it only refers to tapak sulaiman.. haha~

After visiting the sharks and their other good marine friends, went for some rides!!!
hey~! just chill out~!!!

went for said-to-be the adventurous ride of Bermuda Triangle!!!
this ride was amazing and not to be missed!!
full of high tech stuff to be enjoyed during the ride :D

the excited me and Cik Tie !!!

heading into the Volcanoes!!!

can you see the splash?!!!
that was the Viking's Revenge Flume

didn't get wet.

i played this Jet Rescue Coaster.
i had been told that it was a new thrilling ride.
it was different from any other typical coaster, coz you were riding on a jetski!!!
SCARRY, but it was FUN!!!

The Sesame Street Beach
more suitable for kiddos, but I didn't want to be missed out!!! :D

Big Bird Theater
the Stage Show - Bert & Ernie's Island Holiday
happy faces :D

hey.. that was me!!!

in other words, merry-go-round :P
that was too much.
so childish, we were :)

Imagine Dolphin Show
human-dolphin relationship
If this kind of thing can happen, the jet ski manufacturers can declare themselves bankrupt!!! haha~

after the show of the most intimate, without married relationship at Dolphin Cove

polar bear.
but why polar?
maybe the bears originated from north pole. or south pole. or any pole.

"Canadian" polar bears
i thought they were white in color.
in the map that the Sea World gave us earlier, we had been kindly asked to return to the Polar Bear Shores if the bears were napping or in their dens.
so, no more wonder about the notice given!!! haha~

Penguin Point

the care team said that the penguins were among the smallest in the world..

could you see the sea lion?
during Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show
a very funny show from 2 sea lions which were considered to be the detectives!!!

hugging the hero!!!
that was the well built Captain Cook's Endeavour

Sea World was fantastic!!! no lies~

done with Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia.

however, my journey of the day did not end there!! then, went to Surfers Paradise.
lots of skyscrapers!!! architects did really show their talents here :D no wonder people said that it is the JEWEL of Gold Coast. and not only the architects, artists also "showed off" their talents here.. sand sculptures were so nice.. but very hard to be understood. what were they trying to show us? i did not know. and still, don't know. haha~

Clock Hotel
kenapa ada banyak sangat bangunan with clocks in Australia?
symbolic, maybe.. haha~

blow a didgeridoo. it was an Australian Artcraft.

part of the sand sculptures
i did not know what they were meant for.
was it only an art?
or more than that?

Cik Tie told me that, for every year, there would be Schoolies week celebrated there in Surfers Paradise. Hotels were fully booked. Crowded bars. That was the time when all the high-school graduates from all parts of Australia came there. It was considered as a tradition for the Australian schoolies. They got drunk, involved in drugs and partying at all the time. And few years back, there was this high-school graduate who fell of an apartment balcony and died. What a serious case, and yet, they still continued with this celebration. Sigh~ may we, Malaysians did not do such stupid things. and may we all be able to think maturedly in our actions.. Insya Allah.

haunted shop with Miss Vampire

with the tile of the famous Elvis Presley

Surfers Paradise
my specs... argh~!!!

time for Nando's before heading home

that's all :D