Thursday, May 7, 2009


finished with Dari Mata Arisa on TV2. the best thing about it is, Ashraf Muslim, the handsomest actor [passion and passion of me :P]. argh~!!! He's gorgeous!!! the drama is an adaptation from a novel entitled Kau Sayangku, writen by Cik Bikash Nur Idris, published by Alaf 21 Sdn. Bhd. found it was quite good, and romantic as well!!! Gosh~!!!

ok. done with Dari Mata Arisa. started with Enigma on TV9 plak. Enigma means mystery, secret, perplexity, puzzle or riddle. just in the beginning. so, no comment yet. however, can't wait to go to the places shown in the drama!!! waaaa~ really, really can't wait to go. penantian ini terlalu lama buatku.. cewah~!! ooohhh Queensland,... i'm coming soon.. one day, Insya Allah.