Sunday, May 24, 2009

kembara queensland [day 2] - 220509

late update. coz I was so tired at nite. my day started so late. and by that time, i thought it would be another day without hanging out so much. no uni trip. no anything. But my first thought was absolutely wrong. followed Cik Tie to her uni coz she had to submit an assignment. but I was late in bersiap-siap ni. So, had to walk alone, along the pathway of Hawken Drive. a new place but no big deals at all. her uni is located just 5-minutes walking from the house. so near. and no wonder she could still managed to go to the lectures even though she woke up 30 minutes before the lecture started. haha~ the only place I visited was the Biological Sciences Library.

Biological Sciences Library

the library is way too sophisticated than my uni's. you can enter the lib without having any matrix card. and there are rows of computers allocated for the students. the most thing that impressed me is, you, as a student is able to borrow a laptop daily from this library . isn't that amazing?? I wonder when will my uni as the APEX Uni be like this. in 10 years time? or 20? or never? haihz~ hope, something especially facilities for the students may improved with the money given (even though I don't actually know what the money is used for). haha~ after that, went to the Musolla (prayer room). it was actually somebody's house, and it was given by the owner to be used as Musolla. Praise be to Almighty Allah.. at least, the Muslims students here have a place to perform solat during the weekdays.. met a lot of Malaysian students here.. some are taking engineering, some are doing sciences.. sangat ramah even though we only met for few minutes.. ada siap offer pegi rumah dieorang lagi.. haha~

me and Cik Tie, menuju ke Brisbane City.

after performing solat maghrib [Maghrib prayer] at the Musolla, took a bus from University of Queensland (UQ) to the city (Brisbane). supposed to be a 15-minutes journey, but since today is Friday night, took almost 23 minutes to the city. Friday night is when the people here always go out partying, clubbing, socializing around and relaxing themselves with the others. that was the reason we got stucked in this heavy traffic. the first thing we did at the city was some photographing session. this is a MUST!!!

Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower

strolled down the Queen St, bought some souvenirs

went to The Myer Centre Brisbane.. grabbed a dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts that costed us $ 19.95 AUD. stopped at few places to take some photos. a nice place for photo shootings. haha~

The Myer Centre Brisbane

possing around

Friday night life performance

behind me: Conrad Treasury Casino

Kicking ball at the Brisbane Square

Brisbane City

went to the Southbank 5 Cinemas in Grey St. watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. it was an American romantic comedy film. typical ones, but nice to be laughed at. plus, here, there was no obligation to the censored parts. haha~ only rated it at 2 and a half stars out of 5. miss cheapskate? i know~!!

SouthBank 5 Cinemas

South Bank Lifestyle Market

then, strolled down the streets. there was a Friday night market at South Bank Parklands. they were selling home-made items. quite a nice place, but by the time I was there, almost to be closed. haihz~ so, at that night, we were just strolling those streets, here and there. was glad coz had the opportunity to see the unique of Brisbane City at night.

again, the Brisbane City

Brisbane Eye [The Wheel of Brisbane]

Statue of Themis

sekian sahaja kembara Queensland untuk hari kedua.



FateN said...

aina!!! mestila, faten bkn mmg concern slalu ke? =p

nak tgk kelip2? bole2, ckb da selamat pegi dan blk da pon. teruja je time tgk. hehe.

faten and ck g tgk syurga cinta, sgt besh! haziq sgt kiut and pelat. haha~

mardhiyyah yazid [a.k.a] eman said...

bee nye aina jln2 agi.