Sunday, May 24, 2009

kembara queensland [day 4] - 240509

today, we started so early. i didn't sleep after Subuh and i felt amazing about that. imagine this, woke up at 5.30AM to perform solat, and didn't sleep after that even though there was natural air-conditioner with those nice warmer blanket!! wahaha~ it seemed not to be me!!!

so, went out quite early, to catch the 8 o'clock bus to the Brisbane Transit Centre which is located in Roma Street.. from Roma Street, went to Ormeau.. it was quite a long jurney.. almost an hour.. Ormeau Railway Station? there was no one there except us. a very sleepy, dead silent station.. and finally, we realized, we had been on the wrong station!!! haihz~ we've got to wait for another half an hour to be in the next train... too bad~!! we actually wanted to go to Coomera Railway Station, which was exactly the next station after the Ormeau Railway Station.. sigh~ once we've got down the train at Coomera Railway Station, and asked for the bus to the planned place, the bus driver told us that it would be much easier if we took a bus from Helensvale Railway Station [this station was the one after Coomera Railway Station].. haihz~ [if we took a bus from here to the place, longer time on the bus since that bus went round and round the area.. but if we took the bus from Helensvale Railway Station, it would directly go there] what ever?!!! as long as we could arrive the place, it didn't matter me.. haha~ took a longer route would enable me to see more places in Queensland.. the place that captured my sight was only Russell Hinze farm.. Russell Hinze seemed to be like a special name, and that was the reason I remembered the name.. So, after surfing the net, my instinct seemed to be right. Russell James Hinze, was once elected to State Parliament in Gold Coast seat and he was also known to be the Minister for Everything!!! haha~ my knowledge increased a bit!!! hehe~

lost: Ormeau Railway Station

the main gate that separated me and the Hollywood on the Gold Coast

so, arrived Warner Bros. Movie World!!! Yay!! It was the Hollywood on the Gold Coast.. Way to go!!! Haha~ located at Oxenford, a section of the Gold Coast.. a long journey all the way from St. Lucia, Brisbane to Gold Coast that was worth a lot!!! believe me!!

Superman Escape: i didn't play this. no guts at all!!! anyways, i hate thrilling stuff!

Hollywood Stunt Driver: showed us on how the Hollywood film making is done.. with lotsa drifts and explosions... very, very cool actions!!! but they were very dangerous!!! should not be followed by all drivers.. only insane ones would.. haha~

the park was too big. got to do some planning while waiting.

Hollywood Stunt Driver

the police car was broken into two pieces after a few gun shots.
did not make sense at all, did it? haha~

the car was on top of the roof!!!

no wonder they could reverse so fast!!! revealed the truth of backward actions!!!

Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster
that was my first time, riding on a coaster that moved backwards.. too spooky!!! patients with heart diseases are not advised to play this coz it might gives you a sudden and jerky heart attack.. haha~

in Scooby-Doo castle
the head was programmed to move; to the right and to the left

old whittish car, typically found in the streets of London a long, long time ago

managed to watch Batman- Shadows of Gotham at the Main Street. haha~ a brief live actions of Batman, all time super hero for the kids!!! i think, everyone knows about Batman's secret identity coz he's so famous.. and Gotham City as well.. but maybe, some nerdies don't.. haha~

Gotham City Hall

with Batman

said to be the original car that was used during Batman filming.

Batwing Spaceshot.
i have played this kinda spaceshot before in Genting Highlands. so, not my attraction there!!!
but for those who haven't been on this before, should try to play this Spaceshot that will provide you guys with the exciting G-force on the way up to the blue sky!!!

for right leg, bended more, I should [Taekwondo taught it so, 12 years ago!!!]

we went for the Batman Adventure - The Ride 2.. and also Shrek 4D Adventure... the Shrek ones was more awesome than the Batman ones.. with the water sprinkling, effect of the horse riding and the specs.. it seemed to be more "professional" artwork.. hehe~

Tom and us

at the Wild West village

the traditional cowboy town

Wild West Falls adventure ride.
no opportunity to ride on it since no spared clothes were brought. too bad~!!!

another shot in the same old-style cowboy town

with crazy little fella. haha~

Road Runner Roller Coaster
i played this!!!
small roller coaster and suitable for all, including those with heart diseases!!! but own risk, of coz.. haha~

last event of the day: All Star Parade

Warner Bros. presented the Bugs Bunny and Tweety

waving happily at those.
so excited.
being childish once in a while! not a wrong thing to do, I supposed.

after the parade, still lots of people at the Main Street

a must go place if you are in Gold Coast or Brisbane or Queensland, perhaps.

entrance fee that i paid: $ 00.00 AUD. haha~ borrowed "someone's" unlimited entry theme park ticket [the $ 69.95 AUD pass is only sold to the Australian, and to those who stayed in Australia in conjunction with the 150 years of independence celebrated by Queensland. plus, apart from entering Warner Bros. Movie World, this pass would enable the ones to enter Sea World and Wet 'n' Wild as well].. big THANKs!!! and that was the reason, why i managed to save a lot!!! haha~ Praise be to The Almighty Allah..

Bendera Malaysia yang tersergam indah di perkarangan Warner Bros. Movie World.
what is that supposed to mean?
wonder, I was, once.

sekian sahaja kembara Queensland untuk hari keempat.



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