Friday, July 31, 2009


after 4 weeks, done with psychiatry.
started to miss the patients (HUSM [especially someone who once called herself as Umi from 5 Utara] & HRPZ II); who told you different kind of storiess. started to miss the patients who put their trust on you, eventhough you are not yet graduating as a doctor. and not to forget, the patients who will be paranoid with you. just bear in mind that they are still our patients, and not criminals eventhough they are bounded by an iron locked fence. do not be afraid of them. they did not ask to be like that. it is all fated by Allah SWT. please realize :)

will be entering neuroscience posting soon.
hope to do better, Insya Allah.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


witnessed an accident when we were on our ways to HRPZ II. happened to be in front of the main gate of HUSM. started thinking, since then.

Dalam mengejar kehidupan hidup dunia yang fana,
manusia terlupa menabur budi,
terlupa juga menyemai bakti...

Apakah aku kan jadi begitu juga suatu ketika nanti?


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lil info on


  • they injured themselves, but no intention to self-murder
  • usually female > male
  • young age (15-25)
  • most common method: drug overdose
  • associated with low sosioeconomic and unemployed
  • also associated with psychiatric d/o (depression, dysthmia, alcohol dependence, personality d/o)

Source: Textbook of Psychiatry 2nd Edition [Churchill Livingstone]


Monday, July 27, 2009

for log book or for long run?

had long-case exam this morning. with Prof Jamil (the best man in Department of Psychiatry). actually, it was more towards a case presentation rather than an exam. me and Aiman presented a case respectively. i got such a "SUPERB" case, but Alhamdulillah, did it (considered it as okay-okay laa).. after presented our cases, had a long chat with Prof Jamil. started because of the log-book thingy.

One of the topics: Log-book?

Prof: "Lecturers are treating students to be more childish by using the log books."

Me: "But if there is no log books, not so many students will discipline themselves to go to the ward. It's better to have log-book oriented students".

Prof: "All students now are log-book oriented without actually realize the "juice" behind it. If it is me, it does not matter how many signs the student get. Even if it 7 or 8, it will be just fine. As long as you learn the skills, it's fine. bcoz to me, you guys are here to prepare yourself, becoming a competent housement. it is for a long run, you know. Ni tidak, bila buat log book, students said lecturers are treating them childish.. tapi kalo x buat, students pulak x mau ke ward or clinic, gaining more experience. Bila ada log-book, once completed, even batang hidung pun dah x nampak. You all should not be like this, you know".

Me: [terpaku]- actually, that was my intention before. i once said to myself, when i had done with all the signature, i had no longer need to go to the ward or clinic for case clerking and etc. But now, i realized that i was wrong in my intention.

to change from a log-book oriented student --> becoming a competent student who is enjoying the long run in order to be a competent future doctor. Insya Allah.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


D- Delirium
O- Ophthalmoplegia
P- Peripheral neuropathy
A- Ataxia

A- Amnesia (Anterograde/Retrograde)
C- Confusion (Confabulation)


simple. yet, motivated!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

walk, walk and walk

this morning, went for a walk around the golf course [actually, should be called as construction site since there are few constructions going on currently] with the family. discussed some topics. but academics ones. after that, had breakfast. luahkan in direct and indirect pathways ttg masalah-masalah that we face..

felt relief bila dengar kak syu cakap,
"Yakinlah dengan Allah dan bantuanNya. tapi jangan la sampai tak berusaha langsung.."

Ye.. mungkin semua orang pun biasa dengar kan? tapi kak syu slalu reminded me about this coz i tend to forget, ever since I was in Year 1 [even now, it is still hard for me to practically practice it in my daily life]..

dulu, aku slalu fikir yang memang mudah utk orang ckp yakin, yakin dan yakin.. tapi pada hakikatnya, brapa ramai yang benar-benar percaya? berapa ramai yang merungut jika tak habis baca nota? ramai kan? boleh dikatakan, tak terkira ramainya.. [infinity!!!]

kesimpulannya, bukan mudah untuk mengubah diri secara drastik.. tp kalo gradual, Insya Allah, bole.. bak kata kak syu lagi, kalo kita betul-betul mahukan sesuatu tu, dan cuba berusaha ke arahnya, Insya Allah, boleh.. tapi dengan syarat, kita yang benar-benar mahukannya..


Friday, July 3, 2009


yesterday, gambled for the KLCC Skybridge at 2.45PM.. turned out to be SO UPSET!!! the free tickets were no longer available.. the person at the counter told us that the tickets have finished at 10.30AM.. my last wish (for this break) is gone!!! sigh~!

but whatever it is, thanks Ayah for accompanying me, be my photographer yang tak pernah jemu-jemu & melayan je my wishes!!!