Tuesday, June 24, 2008

gimme a break (^_^)

am off for a break in Ipoh, Perak tomorrow morning. traveling all my way there just to have a very worth holidays with my friends.. it is so-called as "frenzy-vacation" to me!! Yeah!! lotsa fun stuff to share, lotsa fun things to be enjoyed & done together.. coz we haven't meet for quite a long time.. Hopefully we can make it. Yeah!!! Of course we can make it!! We are Deltarian, right?!!! finishing our gossip thingy is one of the greatest tasks for all of us. and it is a MUST. and make this break a wonderful ones!!!

frenzy-vacation in Kuala Kangsar

frenzy-vacation in Ipoh

frenzy-vacation in Penang

hehe~~ just can't wait to get there!!!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

american dessert

dunkin' donuts

big apple donuts

j.co donuts

yeah... one of the simplest american desserts is the donuts.. but there are different shops.. not only that, there are too many various flavors, shapes, colors and etc. in all shops which made your
taste buds in the fungiform papillae are bathed in saliva derived from the salivary glands. how yummy they are, rite? have a taste from all shops, and make a comparison. u are the one who determine which shop sells the best out of the best donuts in town. hehe~

quite frustrated with the service of J.Co Donuts at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Needed to queue for quite a long time (i considered it so even though it took me less than 20 minutes to get to the counter) and my stomach already groaned. even so, i satisfied for the donuts. quite good. but less marks for the pink donut (dunno what its name) . the jam was quite sour to my taste. but i prefer big apple donuts more. it's just my taste buds opinion. yours might be different from mine as we have different "taste buds perception", rite?

be democratic

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an emblem of italian cuisine

chopped mushrooms, chicks, and meats

blended secret ingredients

everything goes into kuali

the tomato sauce + together with all the secret recipe

the pasta is boiled until soft

soft consistency spaghetti

an emblem of italian cuisine ---> SPAGHETTI + TOMATO SAUCE!!!

these photos are not the recent ones. just to show off my skills in cooking [a bit]. haha~

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

how to be motivated in a simple way?

i watched this video on YouTube. very interesting one.
i downloaded it to be kept as my personal motivator.
i uploaded it again to share with you guys.

Happy watching and get motivated!!!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008



notice... anatomi [anatomy] is not only about knowledge after all.

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notice.. friendster is not only about website after all.

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Monday, June 16, 2008


it's true!! i'm so into him.. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor!!! arghh~~ he's the gorgeous man [for now] ever since he entered the NAP.. arghhh!!! admired him so much, i guess.. he's the best idol as for now. u see, he studied & struggled in medicine-related field for years ago in KMC, India which was away far from beloved home.. and yet, he succeeded... he enjoyed his life much, i guess. even though i hate orthopedics-related stuff, wanna be like him. just like him except for that ortho part.. am gonna be what i wanna be.. and try to enjoy everything I could for every second in my life.. I'll try my ever best to get a scroll, and graduate as one of many doctors in 3 years time [May Allah bless].


[dekat packet milo pun ada. i went to a supermarket. i saw him. told ayah, "Ayah, my superhero". ayah :)]

he is totally GORGEOUS!!! and HANDSOME!!!

tomorrow, i'm planning for MPH bookstore for Menggapai Bintang and get myself a shoe at Subang Parade... hopefully, the sale is still going on, so that i could get lots of discounts.. hehe~~ i purposely canceled my initial plan which is to go to Subang Parade on this weekend coz i have something better.. i wanna go to The Curve in Mutiara Damansara.. both of my sis went there already for F.T.Island.. last time, i was home, but i didn't go along coz u see, i don't really like crowds.. hehe~~ hopefully, my plan works.. [May Allah bless]..

`Aainaa NR

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aN oUtiNg oF mAnY oUtInGs

lame title! it had been a while since i did stuck at home doing nothing much. i was very busy at doing nothing. sigh* so, yesterday, had a break. went to Sunway Pyramid with sisters. thought of watching a movie titled Prom Night, but damn!

argh~!!! i felt like screaming [actually, i did!!]..
did regr
et [A LOT!!!] coz i didn't book the ticket. if i did, we were able to watch the movie..

then, went to Sunway Mega Lanes, thought of playing bowling..
SIGH again*,
there was a tournament.. the place is fully booked!!! Arghh!!!! [screaming]..

then, i thought of just going back home, but sis asked for jalan-jalan.. ok!! J
alan-jalan would be just fine since we were already there.. went jalan-jalan [even though i wasn't into it so much since movie-going was a frustration].. went around and around and around the mall.. it was a huge place. i wouldn't manage to finish jalan-jalan within a day, even 2 days.. haha~ went to lots of shops. it was still a SALE time.. but i hate spending money!! so, just to please both of my sis.. i teman them into lots of shops... Anis was looking for a new pair of shoe [which i don't have any idea of how it looks like coz Anis is a bit weird person] and Aida was looking for a handbag [hey!! she's gonna be 13 in this coming Nov.. that means, she still isn't teenager.. i really don't understand this. guess that budak2 skarang would be dewasa faster than they should be].. sigh* went to Asian Avenue.. Aida said, "tempat ni is like a paradise for me!!! Arghh~~ gonna be mad!! crazy crazy!!!". that was Aida. haihz~~ i said, "paradise is far better than this tempat].. in fact, there was lotsa things there.. i couldn't denied... clothes [which ikut Korean trends and styles], bags, shoes, and etc etc... haihz~~ indescribable place!!! we went into and out of many shops without actually buying anything... it was a FREEDOM for us, whether to buy or not to buy.. right?? it was still the SALE time.. got lots of discounts, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% and even 70%... Aida finally went into one of the kedai there and said, "Aina, cantiknya bag tu!!! Nak tengok!!!".. she was mesmerized by that panda-look-liked bag.. ok!!! acting like the best sis ever, i asked the promoter to take it.. gave her that bag.. she tried it.. "Aina, aku nak bag ni..". i just said, check it out first whether it was satisfying her enough or not.. then, "Aina, aku nak beg ni". "Ok!", i said... went to the counter side, and paid for her.. lucky me, i got 10% discount.. she was really happy.. she wore it straight away without any content except for the plastic... haha~~ as long as she was happy, i would certainly be happy too!!! so, finished with Aida shopping thingy.. now, it was Anis turn.. she wanted to buy a new pair of shoe which i didn't have any idea on the earth about the style and etc.. masuk kedai, keluar kedai.. haihz~~ i only teman them.. i hate that kinda baju, kasut with that kinda styles.. i'm NORMAL.. haha~~ we spent a lot of time there in Asian Avenue... "Aina, jalan ni kita blom lalu", Anis said. "Ok, lalu laa ikot sini plak", i said.. it was very tiring.. grew weary.. finally, Anis went into this kedai, Melody.. it sells a lot of Korean style clothes... Anis was finally attracted with the baju there. "Nak pink ke putih?? 2-2 pun cantik!!".. "Pink laaa.. u don't even have one, kan?? asyik putih-hitam jerk", i said... "ok, jap!! nak pg cuba..". after it suited her well [in fact, the baju is free size one.. of coz it does fit everyone who tries]. haha~ after paid for the baju, went out from the Asian Avenue, leaving the what so-called paradise to my sis..

went to Jusco.. Darn!!! 50-70%!!!! lots of baju.. there was this jacket, which i like it so much.. but my brain said, x pe laa.. jalan dulu.. kalo ada yang lagi best ke.. i followed my brain, and ignored my instinct. there was no other jacket which looked as beauty as it.. went back to that place, but arghhhhhhhh!!!!! the red colored jacket is gone already!!! menyesal bukan kepalang... huhuhu~~~ after being frustrated, went outside the Jusco without buying anything...

went into Popular, wanted to buy a copy of "Life Is An Open Secret" by Zabrina A.Bakar but there was no copy left..i already read the book. it was my friend's.. but i wanted to have a copy of my own too.. hehe~ then, went into MPH, wanted to buy "Menggapai Bintang".. a book about Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.. but i didn't really know why i didn't buy it after went into the bookstore.. i said to myself, "Buy it next week laa, since i don't want to spend my time READING!!! lagipun, next week nak pegi Subang Parade for kasut".. haha~~ yeah!!! if i go to Subang Parade with parents, they would certainly buy the book for me.. so that i don't have to spend my own money on it.. hehehe~
went to McD.. bought 1 cheeseburger, 1 fillet-o-fish and 1 big mac [i wish i could eat this, but i couldn't!!! argh~~ my right temporomandibular joint is deviated a bit towards the right.. in easier un derstanding, rahang dah terpele'ot!!].. and with the beverages of coz!!! one medium-sized drink costs
me RM3.75... wow!!! that was more expensive from my cheeseburger.. haha~~ yeah!!! too EXPENSIVE for a milo med-sized.. wanted to buy J.Co donuts, but it was already 6 p.m.. i had no idea where the cafe was located. it might took time for me to go and queue!!! faten said that u've got to queue for almost 30 minutes even though i only want to buy 6 pieces.. haihz~~ so, i said to my sis, "never mind... next week, suruh Ayah beli big apple donuts jer".. haha~~ called Ayah.. Ayah, our superhero and our best pal ever came to fetch us..

Ayah... Happy 52 birthday and Happy Dad's day!!!

15th June [which was yesterday]... Happy Dad's Day, Ayah!!!

16th June [which is today]... Happy Birthday, Ayah!!!

May Allah bless u all da time throughout ur life with Mama who will always be by ur side.

Smoga anak-anak Ayah menjadi anak-anak yang soleh & solehah, pintar-pintar semuanya!!!


A dad is a person,
Who is loving and kind,
And often he knows,
What u have on mind.

He' sumone who listens,
Suggests and defends.

A dad can be one
of ur vey best friends!!!

He's proud of ur triumphs,
And never down with ur wrongs.

A dad can be patient,
and helpful and strong.

In all that u do,
A dad's love plays a part.

There's always a place for him,
Deep in ur heart.

An each year that passes,
You're even more glad,
More grateful and more proud,
Just to call him ur Dad.

Thank you, Dad,
for listening and caring,
for giving and sharing,
but especially for just being you.

I will certainly, and definitely remember this poem. it was the best poem i had ever come across to show u.

`Aainaa NR
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Medical Student Who Is Striving Hardly for M.D. [May Allah SWT bless]

Thursday, June 12, 2008

aN ExPeRieNcE oF mAnY eXpErIeNcEs

i just came back from a program in which i became one of the volunteers.. it was a very very great moment.. the program that was so-called HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign taught me a lot, especially in those thing which i could never get from any book, any medical book, any magazines, or any journal from any part of the whole world.. i didn't regret anything, anything at all for volunteering in the program.. but before i begin to write on more, i would like to remember all of us that VOLUNTEERISM is NOT about GAINING POPULARITY. Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain. In simple explanation, volunteerism is sorta charity work. No matter what kind of work you do, if it is for charity [and of coz for the sake of Allah SWT], u will be blessed [Insya Allah]. U don't have to give a mock cheque of thousands dollar for the sake of showing ur good deeds to those reporters for broadcasting, so that u gain popularity. U don't have to show ur piousness by giving thousands copy of the Holy Al-Quran to the mosque for the sake of showing it to those ppl and hoping for being praised. What u have to do is just that do ur charity work consistently for the sake of Allah SWT. It was so simple to be wrote, but a very hard task to be carried out.. No matter what u do, as long as u do it for good, Insya Allah, HE will help u. ok, let me begin my journey as a volunteer for this program.

my team members who worked together with me in order to make it a success were Faten, Zuha, Mr. Anuar [from SAHABAT] and Kak Kam.. ok, we carried out our task as volunteers 1-2 months before the event.. at 1st, ktorg semua pun mcm blur.. x tau nak buat apa.. but Syukran.. coz we [me, Faten, Zuha] are able to meet with Dr. Wan from Jabatan Perubatan Masyarakat [Community Medicine Department].. so GLAD, we were!!! so, we discussed about our program a bit with him. he proposed a book [we haven't return it to him yet] for our activity.. oops!! before i forget, we were assigned to be the only team who would handled all the 9-hours workshop for the campaign.. it was really hard for us as we have never been to any HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign before.. and actually, we haven't learn anything on HIV/AIDS.. and what kind of thing on the earth will help us?? we BLURRED.. our 1st met with Dr. Wan wasn't a waste after all.. coz he referred us to Dr. Wan Nazirah from Pharmacology Dept apart from borrowing a book to us. hey, the 1st meeting between Dr. Naz and us was the 1st and the last, before we, being referred again to Mr. Anuar.. He was kind. He was VERY KIND man.. he helped us a lot. i still can remember, he asked us HIV/AIDS-related thingy and guess what.. we simply said,"DUNNO!!!!!". haha~~ we met him for twice at SAHABAT, and he blanja us minum.. and he also, always asked us, the motives of conducting this program.. and the simple thing we can do was, BLINKING our EYES.. hahaha~~

a week b4 the event was so BAD. many terrific things that terrified us happened. we have to do this and to do that together. so, we landed at Faten's room and we messed the room well. haha~~ 1st, we did the presentation slides.. we changed it from what so-called anachronistic into what so-called modern for many many thousand times, before we finally get the BEST ones.. we typed out all the tasks, and we printed them.. we went for xerox.. even so, I still manage to watch until the end, all the episodes of TEAM MEDICAL DRAGON.. the spirit of Dr. Asada made me to enjoy my work.. haha~ [yeah, i lied!!] not only the spirit, also the keTAMPANan, the keHANDSOMEman of him which made my day!!! haha~ ok.. not to deny and forget, when anybody stressed out, we fought among each other.. but it wasn't serious enough to cause a burst of our anger out that burn down the place.. haha~~ we just made it through our so-innocent faces.. hahaha~~ but when everything settled, we asked apologies from each other. and that is what more important.. YUP!! It's true.. apology settles every hatred in man..

with the blessed from Allah The Almighty Lord, we managed to conduct the 9-hours program... the workshop went very well, even though not so smooth, but it was so for us who held it for the 1st time.. not a very high expectation we did put in.. by that time, we just hope that it ends as soon as it could... and our hope became true.. after 9 hours, all our fear gone, far away from us.. the feedbacks that we got from the participants w ere quite ok.. not that really ok, but not that worst after all.. the feedback from the HICOM [high committee] was ok as well.. Alhamdulillah.. syukur kpd Allah kerana Dia telah berikan kami kekuatan dan ketabahan dalam menempuhi dugaan ini..

there was this Chinese guy named Kenny from UTM, he messaged the head of our team, Faten by saying: thanks for ur cucumber and condom for my group presentation. thanks for ur workshop also. i learn a lot from ur workshop. last but not least, hope u guys can have the 2nd campaign, so that more ppl will be gaining knowledge about hiv. can u believe that? there will always be ppl who appreciate ur work. all my sweat dried up. bak kata faten, hilang segala penat lelah.. can u see.. u don't have to plan many things to be done for the community, but what u have to do is to put all ur heart and effort into what u are doing... [i crap!!]

now, i didn't regret of volunteering in the event. i had come through a lot of obstacles, i managed to handle them, i learn on how to manage my patience, my nervousness, my time and work, and i managed to do things that certain ppl believed that i will absolutely failed.. the quote by John R. Amos: It's simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do. the quote which i posted in the friendster was so true not to be denied..

.that's all for now.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


it was a typical morning of my hols. nothing much to be done. some sort of depression. hols should be lotsa fun. sigh* i was a stud from a local medical school. it was so boring to spend time on reading, be doing the same thing as i already contribute a lot of my time, reading on medical books and lecture notes [yeah rite laa, aina?? haha].. thinking of going out, loitering around the malls, but cash is too limited rite now.. not to deny, i still have savings that i made from my scholarship [it's more than enough for shopping, foods, fun, books, magazines and etc.. and yet, i still have limited cash?? LOL :D gotta be kidding]... okies.. not to crap a lot.. this isn't my 1st time of blogging.. but this is my 2nd trial of using this blogspot... hoping that i can use this site continuously and not separuh jalan like what i had done before..

this morning, pegi jalan2 sambil menghabiskan petrol keta parents.. Yeah!! i tried to drive both Merc E230 which had been converted to auto and the auto Honda CRV.. it wasn't really hard.. what u have to do is just, put the gear to D, pull the hand brake and there u go!!!! pressing on the minyak.. hahaha~ it was so damn easy man... u have to be a lil bit brave to drive on the road.. that's all.. haha~ i was like a bit craze on driving lately, regardless of the kenaikan harga minyak all over the world.. i mean, everyone does care, but what did they do about it? nothing much. they still fill in the petrol into their petrol tanks.. yeah!! not much of car pooling i have seen in malaysia.. and that's why selalu jerk traffic jam happen everywhere.. that's why i said, regardless of kenaikan harga minyak for 78 cents/litre, everyone still pegi petrol station to isi minyak.. that includes EVERY MALAYSIAN [yeah, including me]!!! crapping me again!! sigh*

anyways, before i proceed with more crap, i better take a break

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