Wednesday, September 23, 2009

it's the Eid season

there are 2 memorable and unforgettable occasions which were so special that happened during this Eid season.

the first one was...

gave Cikgu Majid [my homeroom teacher when I was in MJSC Lenggong in year 2003 and 2004] a call.

me: Assalamualaikum, Cikgu. ni Aainaa ni. Selamat Hari Raya, Cikgu.
Cikgu: Owh, Aainaa. Selamat Hari Raya. Kamu apa khabar, skang?
me: Baik, baik. Cikgu plak macam mana? Buat apa lepas bersara?
Cikgu: Cikgu sihat je. Cuma skang kena makan ubat, pasalnya ada darah tinggi. Skang ni, duk-duk rumah je. Berkebun sket-sket. Aina kat USM lagi ke?
me: Haah.. kat USM lagi. lambat lagi, Cikgu. Skang ni tahun ke-4. Ada setahun lagi, Insya Allah..
Cikgu: Owh.. dah x lama dah tu..
me: Jap eh, Cikgu.. Ayah nak cakap dengan Cikgu.

after finished chit-chatting on the phone...

Ayah: Cikgu Majid cakap suara na masih sama macam kat Lenggong dulu.
me: sama? sama macam mana?
Ayah: Ayah pun tak tau. Cikgu Majid tu masih ingat lagi aina.

another one was...

a simple message was sent by me...


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Dr Hazar.
Maaf Zahir & Batin.

`Aainaa Nur Raihana Abdullah
R1 PASUM 05/06

a simple message had been replied from Dr Hazar...

Salam. Thanks Aainaa.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to u 2. Entah nape ramai ex-assasian ingat saya hari ni.
How r u? Aainaa d USM kan?
Work hard n take care.

- Dr. Hazar Bebe

felt good that my PA [Penasihat Akademik] from the college [which i have graduated from about 4 years ago] still could remember me even though i was not really a good student who keep on asking questions and knocking on the lecturers' doors.

it made me realize that, students always and tend to forget who their teachers are, but not the other way round. so, call up your teachers, especially around this special Eid season and greet them with suprised wishes.


Friday, September 18, 2009

J'en ai marre [I'm fed up!]

Alizee- J'en ai marre (English version)

Bubbles and water
Legs up for hours
My goldfish is under me
To bathe for hours
Makes my mouth water
I'm "foamely" ecstatic
It's not a problem
I lazy 'round
Bubbly and stubborn
I lazy 'round
Melon and water
Is just a dream
It makes me wonder
Is it a "sin" ?

Bubbles and water

Legs up for hours
"Bombs", you keep away from me!
Today lying low
Twisting up my toes
I swim in such harmony
So what bothers me

Chorus :
I'm fed up with loneliness
With my uncle overstressed
Fumbling, crawling for something
That never shows, just a dream.
I'm fed up with creeps crying
Over the past, such a sin
Not to be cool, but a fool
If I could mess up their rules.
I'm fed up with your complaints
Baby, well I'm not a saint!
Fed up with the rain, the plane...
That makes me throw up again.
I'm fed up with all cynics
Bathing caps and all critics
I'm fed up with being fed up! Poor me!

Bubbles and water
Legs up for hours
My goldfish still under me!
Delight of pleasures
Aquatic treasures
A place out of misery, my fantasy.