Sunday, May 24, 2009

kembara queensland [day 3] - 230509

this is also a late entry. i should updated this yesterday, but i accidentally slept too early (local time is about 9.00++ p.m. while watching Charlie & the Chocolate Factory). too bad. i was tired coz I've been using a lot of energy during the day. haha~

in the morning, followed Cik Tie to the badminton matches that was held in conjunction with the Queensland Sports Carnival 09. the matches were handled by the MASCA Queensland in order to choose the best players as representatives to MASCA National Conference and Games Sydney 09. participants? quite a lot for the boys, but girls? only 4.5 pair came. So, I became one of the participants as well, but me and my pair, Azra [Cik Tie's housemate] didn't win. we got 4th place [which means 2nd last place]. haihz~ met some new Malaysian friends from University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.. nice and friendly, they were.. no awkward at all.. hehe~

planned to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.. traveled all the way by bus of course.. from St. Lucia to Indooroopilly.. had the chance to do some window shopping at the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre while waiting for the another bus to Lone Pine..

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

arrived at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.. it was just after raining.. so, the place was somewhat wet, and not dry [of coz].. haha~ entrance fee? only $ 21.00 AUD.. that was the fee i needed to pay as i used the student ID of Cik Tie's housemate.. if not, it would be somewhat more expensive than that.. hehe~ lucky me.

the very first thing we did was, meeting Ami, Cik Tie's friend who was a volunteer there... met her somewhere before the Koala Cuddling Area.. and we managed to watch the Koala Presentation.. the most boring thing about the koalas is they sleep almost 20 hours everyday, and they only wake up for food. as koalas, there was nothing much to do. so lazy. wish i won't end up like the lazy koalas after this vacation..

see those lazy koalas!!!

Koala cuddling
Takut, tapi it might be the only chance, apa lagi? Beranikan je diri untuk pegang.

$ 16 AUD for koala cuddling? WOW!! Koala cuddling is one of the must do things in Australia. You've got to experience this, no matter what price you have to pay for this. That was my thought. And I was very, very and very lucky coz Ami was there, on duty. Only paid for $ 5 AUD for the nice experience. It is worth. In fact, very worthy!!!

Cik Tie, me, koala, and Ami

after that, we filled our hunger by buying fish and chips there.. we only had to pay for 25% out of the normal price [big THANKS to Ami for this].. isn't that amazing? haha~

lunch time

after filling the emptiness, went to the watch the Bird of Prey Flight Show inside the Nature Kingdom. showing owls and eagles. there was an owl that refused to fly accordingly during our show, and it was quite funny. eagles were soaring high up in the sky, flying from your right side to your left side.

me and Cik Tie

Wildlife officer with the eagle

with eagle yang baik

eagle ni ganas sikit

after the Bird of Prey Flight show, went to look for the Wild Lorikeet feeding. Lorikeets are rainbow in colored birds. very colorful feathers that made them to look so cheerful enough to brighten the day. When they were fed, they would kept on chirping. telinga pun maybe boleh pekak disebabkan desible yang begitu tinggi. haha~ this lorikeets can be easily found in Australia.. rasanya, they are sort of parrots, kot.. but not so sure about it.. hehe~

me and lorikeets

holding the obor-like thingy.
the lorikeets were feeding on nectar, maybe.

after lorikeet feeding, these were among the things we did:

according to Ami, the sheep was not trimmed for the expensive fur,
but sometimes, it would be trimmed for show purposed.

anak kambing yang baru dilahirkan..
only a few months old, tapi seriously dah pandai posing.. hehe~

had the opportunity to visit the other 2 famous Australian animal: kangaroos & emus!!! the similarity that both of them share together is they can't move backwards, and not even a single step!!! We should be like both, meaning that, whatever had happen, just move forward.. Just carry on with your life.. [see!!! even animals can taught me some motivation]. Glorious is only The Almighty Allah~

in Kangaroo Reserve: could not sit properly, coz terlalu banyak baja organik atas rumput :P

hand-feeding the small kangaroo

tingginya kangaroo ni!!!

tengok ekor kangaroo.. its tail is used for balancing..
nampak macam keras sangat.. kalo kena libas, haihz~ mau masuk hospital kot..
but believe it or not, there are people who eat the kangaroo tail!!!
does it taste like ekor lembu?
i wonder~!!!

kangaroo yang ingin turut berposing

among the 3 famous Australian animals: kangaroo and emu [another one is koala]
emu and cassowary are not the same!!!
cassowary ni ganas sikit and susah nak dijinakkan..
kalo emu, lepas kita usap-usap dia, dia akan duduk to show yang dia ni nak manja-manja dengan kita..

wombat, another Australian marsupial
[if not mistaken, kangaroo and koala pun are considered as marsupials bcoz they carry their youngs in the pouches]

wombat yang kelihatan begitu bengis. huhu~

that's all in Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, Australia.
walaupun takut pada binatang, once you've got here in Australia, you've got to "visit" these Australian animals.. kalau tak, rugilaa!! it might be once in a life time chance!!!

sekian sahaja kembara Queensland untuk hari ketiga.



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ainaa..jgn lupa belikan dila 'benda' dr ausie bangat dpt green light jln2 negara otg..huhu

ck irah said...

aina..baju aina..mcm bju aku laaa..heh~
faten x bley pegi tmpat mcm ni sbab die x suke haiwan...=p