Wednesday, June 17, 2009

kembara queensland [day 7] - 270509

should be no entry for day 7, since I didn't go to anywhere.
Cik Tie got an assignment to be submitted [even though it had passed its due date.. haha~]
just "lepak-ing" at home.
however, i still wanna "share" the FREE accommodation that I had been "offered".

the living room
both of the 2-seats sofas were donated

our common place to eat [another angle of view of the same living room]

the kitchen

the "small" dining room
in fact, it should be called "serving" room coz the foods were served there,
but we ate in the living room.

the corridor which connected the living room and dining room with the bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, and laundy room.
that was the extra queen sized mattress
kaya kan? still have EXTRA2!!! haha~

laundry room

the bathroom
bathtub + shower, it offered.

the toilet? [no pics shown]
just next to the bathroom.
no water running from the pipe.
coz there was no pipe in the toilet.
got to fill in the pail with water before any process could be done.
[what to do? it was Aussie's style.. haha~]

that was the mattress that i used to entertain my sweet dreams

Cik Tie's house [above unit] located along Hawken Drive

sekian sahaja kembara Queensland untuk hari ketujuh.