Monday, July 27, 2009

for log book or for long run?

had long-case exam this morning. with Prof Jamil (the best man in Department of Psychiatry). actually, it was more towards a case presentation rather than an exam. me and Aiman presented a case respectively. i got such a "SUPERB" case, but Alhamdulillah, did it (considered it as okay-okay laa).. after presented our cases, had a long chat with Prof Jamil. started because of the log-book thingy.

One of the topics: Log-book?

Prof: "Lecturers are treating students to be more childish by using the log books."

Me: "But if there is no log books, not so many students will discipline themselves to go to the ward. It's better to have log-book oriented students".

Prof: "All students now are log-book oriented without actually realize the "juice" behind it. If it is me, it does not matter how many signs the student get. Even if it 7 or 8, it will be just fine. As long as you learn the skills, it's fine. bcoz to me, you guys are here to prepare yourself, becoming a competent housement. it is for a long run, you know. Ni tidak, bila buat log book, students said lecturers are treating them childish.. tapi kalo x buat, students pulak x mau ke ward or clinic, gaining more experience. Bila ada log-book, once completed, even batang hidung pun dah x nampak. You all should not be like this, you know".

Me: [terpaku]- actually, that was my intention before. i once said to myself, when i had done with all the signature, i had no longer need to go to the ward or clinic for case clerking and etc. But now, i realized that i was wrong in my intention.

to change from a log-book oriented student --> becoming a competent student who is enjoying the long run in order to be a competent future doctor. Insya Allah.


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emrullah said...

it is very2 true..once da penuh logbook, nak present case pun semua taknak..