Friday, July 31, 2009


after 4 weeks, done with psychiatry.
started to miss the patients (HUSM [especially someone who once called herself as Umi from 5 Utara] & HRPZ II); who told you different kind of storiess. started to miss the patients who put their trust on you, eventhough you are not yet graduating as a doctor. and not to forget, the patients who will be paranoid with you. just bear in mind that they are still our patients, and not criminals eventhough they are bounded by an iron locked fence. do not be afraid of them. they did not ask to be like that. it is all fated by Allah SWT. please realize :)

will be entering neuroscience posting soon.
hope to do better, Insya Allah.



ck irah said...

yerp~ gonna miss those times babe..! (*_*)

emrullah said...

moga semua lulus, insyaAllah

mardhiyyah said...

dulu sangat takut ngn pt psychiatry. tp skrg dah open-minded :)