Tuesday, June 16, 2009

kembara queensland [day 6] - 260509

UQ trip?
yeah~ at last!!!
finally, managed to observe students' life; appearance, attitude, cultures, and etc..

instead of staying and watching TV at home, followed Cik Tie to her classes.. we had 2 lectures today.. nampak tak terlalu berat kan if compared to mine? but so boring.. i couldn't understand anything.. not that I didn't understand the slang of Australian English, but, the topics were way too boring for me!!! [hey! i wonder is there any lecture that really interest me before?!!!] my mind were somewhere else; in the fairyland, in the dreamland and wherever land else.. too bad.. sigh~!

while Cik Tie was concentrating on the topics taught, I was observing the students.. they were different from us.. but, not really totally different la..

first, let say about the punctuality to the lectures.. the students there were not punctual!!! they didn't come to class on the time they should; got into the lecture hall even after 30 minutes. we're going to be dead meat if we do the same thing, but the lecturers there didn't even bother at this important attitude.. for our lecturers, the common sentence: patient will die because of your attitude! [yeah~ lecturers for the future doctors. so, what do you expect they may say to us?] owh yes, another important attitude that is always being stressed on in Msia is the appearance; cloths, hair styles, and etc.. in UQ, students wore anything they wanted to; shorts, sleeveless, round nect t-shirts.. hairstyles? free to do any style; trojan? Beckham's? Alleycats's? red monkey's style? any styles were allowed.. but in my uni, should be no trojan, no Beckham's, no Alleycats's, no red monkey's style.. hair should be nicely combed, no dyes.. however, we're only human beings, not robots that were already programmed. that's why! we broke rules!!! haha~

then, the students themselves made the lectures as interactive sessions. Dr. AAAR was right! they read journals, books, and related stuff before entering the classes. but hey, why my friend was not like that? haha~ Cik Tie, Cik Tie... haihz~ they discussed their understandings, expressed their opinions and so on during the lectures. i think, that was quite a good attitude.. no shameful even if they didn't get themselves right.. [eventhough i'm "GOOD" in commenting, that doesn't mean anything. i'm not a student who loves to knock on lecturer's door, asking question and clarifying things I didn't understand.. but yeah~ exception for certain lecturers whom I believed that they were cute and energetic!!] and the coolest sentence from one of the lecturers was "I'm not so sure about that. I will check it out for you". i think, that was so cool.. please.. do not misunderstand me. i didn't say that there was none of Msian lecturers were like that, but I could hardly found ones, even for Msian lecturers who graduated from abroad..

should be enough of typing.
tired, i am now.


pasted on the bulletin board
it's not only a matter of religion, but also human rights

me and UQ Fountain
hopefully, my APEX uni will have one :D

UQ duckpond

students were sitting on the grass

saje buang tabiat
nak duduk atas rumput jugak!!! :P
how did i feel?
no feeling!

Hawken Engineering Building
it looks like only a bricks-building
but inside it, it has First Year Learning Centre which is AWESOME!!!

just another pretty lawn
benches were full!

what did it offer you?

it offered me questions to be answered
more interested in answering the above question :)
why is marriage such an expensive ritual?
"really??? i don't think so.
marriage is expensive because ppl wants it to be that way.
life after marriage costs more."

waisted drum.

"All our knowledge is ourselves to know." - Alexander Pope
after surfed through the wikipedia, found that Alexander Pope is the greatest English poet of 18th century.

the philosophers' names are stated on the top of the building

smiley stone :)

that organ costed thousands dollars when it was built.
i wonder how much will it cost, if it is built now.

UQ Art Museum
nice shot! thanks, Ami :P


Cik Tie yang suka berangan. haha~


they were the last members of Brisbane's Mayne family who were the long-time supporters of the university

the house behind me is the Musolla
Hawken Drive [way to Cik Tie's house]

Hawken lagi? Who is he?
he was the 1st lecturer in Civil Engineering. Later, he became Professor in Engineering at UQ. after read the wikipedia, i also managed to know that he also designed the early version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge :P

sekian sahaja kembara Queensland untuk hari keenam.



ainaa ismail said...

na,boleh assume who is the luckiestlecturer yg hg rajin untuk ketuk bilik dia tu=p
batuk pula!

`Aainaa Nur Raihana Abdullah said...

haha~ sbb Dr tu cute :P