Wednesday, June 11, 2008


it was a typical morning of my hols. nothing much to be done. some sort of depression. hols should be lotsa fun. sigh* i was a stud from a local medical school. it was so boring to spend time on reading, be doing the same thing as i already contribute a lot of my time, reading on medical books and lecture notes [yeah rite laa, aina?? haha].. thinking of going out, loitering around the malls, but cash is too limited rite now.. not to deny, i still have savings that i made from my scholarship [it's more than enough for shopping, foods, fun, books, magazines and etc.. and yet, i still have limited cash?? LOL :D gotta be kidding]... okies.. not to crap a lot.. this isn't my 1st time of blogging.. but this is my 2nd trial of using this blogspot... hoping that i can use this site continuously and not separuh jalan like what i had done before..

this morning, pegi jalan2 sambil menghabiskan petrol keta parents.. Yeah!! i tried to drive both Merc E230 which had been converted to auto and the auto Honda CRV.. it wasn't really hard.. what u have to do is just, put the gear to D, pull the hand brake and there u go!!!! pressing on the minyak.. hahaha~ it was so damn easy man... u have to be a lil bit brave to drive on the road.. that's all.. haha~ i was like a bit craze on driving lately, regardless of the kenaikan harga minyak all over the world.. i mean, everyone does care, but what did they do about it? nothing much. they still fill in the petrol into their petrol tanks.. yeah!! not much of car pooling i have seen in malaysia.. and that's why selalu jerk traffic jam happen everywhere.. that's why i said, regardless of kenaikan harga minyak for 78 cents/litre, everyone still pegi petrol station to isi minyak.. that includes EVERY MALAYSIAN [yeah, including me]!!! crapping me again!! sigh*

anyways, before i proceed with more crap, i better take a break

`Aainaa NR
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