Thursday, June 12, 2008

aN ExPeRieNcE oF mAnY eXpErIeNcEs

i just came back from a program in which i became one of the volunteers.. it was a very very great moment.. the program that was so-called HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign taught me a lot, especially in those thing which i could never get from any book, any medical book, any magazines, or any journal from any part of the whole world.. i didn't regret anything, anything at all for volunteering in the program.. but before i begin to write on more, i would like to remember all of us that VOLUNTEERISM is NOT about GAINING POPULARITY. Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain. In simple explanation, volunteerism is sorta charity work. No matter what kind of work you do, if it is for charity [and of coz for the sake of Allah SWT], u will be blessed [Insya Allah]. U don't have to give a mock cheque of thousands dollar for the sake of showing ur good deeds to those reporters for broadcasting, so that u gain popularity. U don't have to show ur piousness by giving thousands copy of the Holy Al-Quran to the mosque for the sake of showing it to those ppl and hoping for being praised. What u have to do is just that do ur charity work consistently for the sake of Allah SWT. It was so simple to be wrote, but a very hard task to be carried out.. No matter what u do, as long as u do it for good, Insya Allah, HE will help u. ok, let me begin my journey as a volunteer for this program.

my team members who worked together with me in order to make it a success were Faten, Zuha, Mr. Anuar [from SAHABAT] and Kak Kam.. ok, we carried out our task as volunteers 1-2 months before the event.. at 1st, ktorg semua pun mcm blur.. x tau nak buat apa.. but Syukran.. coz we [me, Faten, Zuha] are able to meet with Dr. Wan from Jabatan Perubatan Masyarakat [Community Medicine Department].. so GLAD, we were!!! so, we discussed about our program a bit with him. he proposed a book [we haven't return it to him yet] for our activity.. oops!! before i forget, we were assigned to be the only team who would handled all the 9-hours workshop for the campaign.. it was really hard for us as we have never been to any HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign before.. and actually, we haven't learn anything on HIV/AIDS.. and what kind of thing on the earth will help us?? we BLURRED.. our 1st met with Dr. Wan wasn't a waste after all.. coz he referred us to Dr. Wan Nazirah from Pharmacology Dept apart from borrowing a book to us. hey, the 1st meeting between Dr. Naz and us was the 1st and the last, before we, being referred again to Mr. Anuar.. He was kind. He was VERY KIND man.. he helped us a lot. i still can remember, he asked us HIV/AIDS-related thingy and guess what.. we simply said,"DUNNO!!!!!". haha~~ we met him for twice at SAHABAT, and he blanja us minum.. and he also, always asked us, the motives of conducting this program.. and the simple thing we can do was, BLINKING our EYES.. hahaha~~

a week b4 the event was so BAD. many terrific things that terrified us happened. we have to do this and to do that together. so, we landed at Faten's room and we messed the room well. haha~~ 1st, we did the presentation slides.. we changed it from what so-called anachronistic into what so-called modern for many many thousand times, before we finally get the BEST ones.. we typed out all the tasks, and we printed them.. we went for xerox.. even so, I still manage to watch until the end, all the episodes of TEAM MEDICAL DRAGON.. the spirit of Dr. Asada made me to enjoy my work.. haha~ [yeah, i lied!!] not only the spirit, also the keTAMPANan, the keHANDSOMEman of him which made my day!!! haha~ ok.. not to deny and forget, when anybody stressed out, we fought among each other.. but it wasn't serious enough to cause a burst of our anger out that burn down the place.. haha~~ we just made it through our so-innocent faces.. hahaha~~ but when everything settled, we asked apologies from each other. and that is what more important.. YUP!! It's true.. apology settles every hatred in man..

with the blessed from Allah The Almighty Lord, we managed to conduct the 9-hours program... the workshop went very well, even though not so smooth, but it was so for us who held it for the 1st time.. not a very high expectation we did put in.. by that time, we just hope that it ends as soon as it could... and our hope became true.. after 9 hours, all our fear gone, far away from us.. the feedbacks that we got from the participants w ere quite ok.. not that really ok, but not that worst after all.. the feedback from the HICOM [high committee] was ok as well.. Alhamdulillah.. syukur kpd Allah kerana Dia telah berikan kami kekuatan dan ketabahan dalam menempuhi dugaan ini..

there was this Chinese guy named Kenny from UTM, he messaged the head of our team, Faten by saying: thanks for ur cucumber and condom for my group presentation. thanks for ur workshop also. i learn a lot from ur workshop. last but not least, hope u guys can have the 2nd campaign, so that more ppl will be gaining knowledge about hiv. can u believe that? there will always be ppl who appreciate ur work. all my sweat dried up. bak kata faten, hilang segala penat lelah.. can u see.. u don't have to plan many things to be done for the community, but what u have to do is to put all ur heart and effort into what u are doing... [i crap!!]

now, i didn't regret of volunteering in the event. i had come through a lot of obstacles, i managed to handle them, i learn on how to manage my patience, my nervousness, my time and work, and i managed to do things that certain ppl believed that i will absolutely failed.. the quote by John R. Amos: It's simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do. the quote which i posted in the friendster was so true not to be denied..

.that's all for now.

`Aainaa NR
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ukhwahmurni said...

the hiv aids 2008 campaign was totally awesome!!
u are totally right,besides the condom,cumcumber and etc,we really learnt a lot!
as long as we put our heart there~~

good job friend!