Monday, June 16, 2008


it's true!! i'm so into him.. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor!!! arghh~~ he's the gorgeous man [for now] ever since he entered the NAP.. arghhh!!! admired him so much, i guess.. he's the best idol as for now. u see, he studied & struggled in medicine-related field for years ago in KMC, India which was away far from beloved home.. and yet, he succeeded... he enjoyed his life much, i guess. even though i hate orthopedics-related stuff, wanna be like him. just like him except for that ortho part.. am gonna be what i wanna be.. and try to enjoy everything I could for every second in my life.. I'll try my ever best to get a scroll, and graduate as one of many doctors in 3 years time [May Allah bless].


[dekat packet milo pun ada. i went to a supermarket. i saw him. told ayah, "Ayah, my superhero". ayah :)]

he is totally GORGEOUS!!! and HANDSOME!!!

tomorrow, i'm planning for MPH bookstore for Menggapai Bintang and get myself a shoe at Subang Parade... hopefully, the sale is still going on, so that i could get lots of discounts.. hehe~~ i purposely canceled my initial plan which is to go to Subang Parade on this weekend coz i have something better.. i wanna go to The Curve in Mutiara Damansara.. both of my sis went there already for F.T.Island.. last time, i was home, but i didn't go along coz u see, i don't really like crowds.. hehe~~ hopefully, my plan works.. [May Allah bless]..

`Aainaa NR

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Medical Student Who Is Striving Hardly for M.D. [May Allah SWT bless]

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