Monday, June 16, 2008

aN oUtiNg oF mAnY oUtInGs

lame title! it had been a while since i did stuck at home doing nothing much. i was very busy at doing nothing. sigh* so, yesterday, had a break. went to Sunway Pyramid with sisters. thought of watching a movie titled Prom Night, but damn!

argh~!!! i felt like screaming [actually, i did!!]..
did regr
et [A LOT!!!] coz i didn't book the ticket. if i did, we were able to watch the movie..

then, went to Sunway Mega Lanes, thought of playing bowling..
SIGH again*,
there was a tournament.. the place is fully booked!!! Arghh!!!! [screaming]..

then, i thought of just going back home, but sis asked for jalan-jalan.. ok!! J
alan-jalan would be just fine since we were already there.. went jalan-jalan [even though i wasn't into it so much since movie-going was a frustration].. went around and around and around the mall.. it was a huge place. i wouldn't manage to finish jalan-jalan within a day, even 2 days.. haha~ went to lots of shops. it was still a SALE time.. but i hate spending money!! so, just to please both of my sis.. i teman them into lots of shops... Anis was looking for a new pair of shoe [which i don't have any idea of how it looks like coz Anis is a bit weird person] and Aida was looking for a handbag [hey!! she's gonna be 13 in this coming Nov.. that means, she still isn't teenager.. i really don't understand this. guess that budak2 skarang would be dewasa faster than they should be].. sigh* went to Asian Avenue.. Aida said, "tempat ni is like a paradise for me!!! Arghh~~ gonna be mad!! crazy crazy!!!". that was Aida. haihz~~ i said, "paradise is far better than this tempat].. in fact, there was lotsa things there.. i couldn't denied... clothes [which ikut Korean trends and styles], bags, shoes, and etc etc... haihz~~ indescribable place!!! we went into and out of many shops without actually buying anything... it was a FREEDOM for us, whether to buy or not to buy.. right?? it was still the SALE time.. got lots of discounts, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% and even 70%... Aida finally went into one of the kedai there and said, "Aina, cantiknya bag tu!!! Nak tengok!!!".. she was mesmerized by that panda-look-liked bag.. ok!!! acting like the best sis ever, i asked the promoter to take it.. gave her that bag.. she tried it.. "Aina, aku nak bag ni..". i just said, check it out first whether it was satisfying her enough or not.. then, "Aina, aku nak beg ni". "Ok!", i said... went to the counter side, and paid for her.. lucky me, i got 10% discount.. she was really happy.. she wore it straight away without any content except for the plastic... haha~~ as long as she was happy, i would certainly be happy too!!! so, finished with Aida shopping thingy.. now, it was Anis turn.. she wanted to buy a new pair of shoe which i didn't have any idea on the earth about the style and etc.. masuk kedai, keluar kedai.. haihz~~ i only teman them.. i hate that kinda baju, kasut with that kinda styles.. i'm NORMAL.. haha~~ we spent a lot of time there in Asian Avenue... "Aina, jalan ni kita blom lalu", Anis said. "Ok, lalu laa ikot sini plak", i said.. it was very tiring.. grew weary.. finally, Anis went into this kedai, Melody.. it sells a lot of Korean style clothes... Anis was finally attracted with the baju there. "Nak pink ke putih?? 2-2 pun cantik!!".. "Pink laaa.. u don't even have one, kan?? asyik putih-hitam jerk", i said... "ok, jap!! nak pg cuba..". after it suited her well [in fact, the baju is free size one.. of coz it does fit everyone who tries]. haha~ after paid for the baju, went out from the Asian Avenue, leaving the what so-called paradise to my sis..

went to Jusco.. Darn!!! 50-70%!!!! lots of baju.. there was this jacket, which i like it so much.. but my brain said, x pe laa.. jalan dulu.. kalo ada yang lagi best ke.. i followed my brain, and ignored my instinct. there was no other jacket which looked as beauty as it.. went back to that place, but arghhhhhhhh!!!!! the red colored jacket is gone already!!! menyesal bukan kepalang... huhuhu~~~ after being frustrated, went outside the Jusco without buying anything...

went into Popular, wanted to buy a copy of "Life Is An Open Secret" by Zabrina A.Bakar but there was no copy left..i already read the book. it was my friend's.. but i wanted to have a copy of my own too.. hehe~ then, went into MPH, wanted to buy "Menggapai Bintang".. a book about Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.. but i didn't really know why i didn't buy it after went into the bookstore.. i said to myself, "Buy it next week laa, since i don't want to spend my time READING!!! lagipun, next week nak pegi Subang Parade for kasut".. haha~~ yeah!!! if i go to Subang Parade with parents, they would certainly buy the book for me.. so that i don't have to spend my own money on it.. hehehe~
went to McD.. bought 1 cheeseburger, 1 fillet-o-fish and 1 big mac [i wish i could eat this, but i couldn't!!! argh~~ my right temporomandibular joint is deviated a bit towards the right.. in easier un derstanding, rahang dah terpele'ot!!].. and with the beverages of coz!!! one medium-sized drink costs
me RM3.75... wow!!! that was more expensive from my cheeseburger.. haha~~ yeah!!! too EXPENSIVE for a milo med-sized.. wanted to buy J.Co donuts, but it was already 6 p.m.. i had no idea where the cafe was located. it might took time for me to go and queue!!! faten said that u've got to queue for almost 30 minutes even though i only want to buy 6 pieces.. haihz~~ so, i said to my sis, "never mind... next week, suruh Ayah beli big apple donuts jer".. haha~~ called Ayah.. Ayah, our superhero and our best pal ever came to fetch us..

Ayah... Happy 52 birthday and Happy Dad's day!!!

15th June [which was yesterday]... Happy Dad's Day, Ayah!!!

16th June [which is today]... Happy Birthday, Ayah!!!

May Allah bless u all da time throughout ur life with Mama who will always be by ur side.

Smoga anak-anak Ayah menjadi anak-anak yang soleh & solehah, pintar-pintar semuanya!!!


A dad is a person,
Who is loving and kind,
And often he knows,
What u have on mind.

He' sumone who listens,
Suggests and defends.

A dad can be one
of ur vey best friends!!!

He's proud of ur triumphs,
And never down with ur wrongs.

A dad can be patient,
and helpful and strong.

In all that u do,
A dad's love plays a part.

There's always a place for him,
Deep in ur heart.

An each year that passes,
You're even more glad,
More grateful and more proud,
Just to call him ur Dad.

Thank you, Dad,
for listening and caring,
for giving and sharing,
but especially for just being you.

I will certainly, and definitely remember this poem. it was the best poem i had ever come across to show u.

`Aainaa NR
<<< (^_^) >>>
Medical Student Who Is Striving Hardly for M.D. [May Allah SWT bless]

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