Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a must go place

holidays for 3 months long.
try to work out something beneficial within this duration.

had done my elective, but not fully done since the report and presentation are not yet finished [actually, just about to be initiated but terminated suddenly]. why? worked out the SPSS stuff tonite with Ayah, but suddenly, the program expired. nothing much can be done about it. Ayah said, "Ayah cari dulu dalam bilik Azim. kalo tak de, have to buy a new one coz the trial is already out of usage. so, need to wait for pasar malam for that purpose". sigh~ sudden outburst of working spirit is terminated. [this is actually my fault. if I listened to what Ayah had said (buat cepat-cepat, jangan tangguh-tangguh), this would not happen]. anyways, the thing is, it is already happened. tak boleh patah balik. my lesson would be:

this morning, came across an exhibition when I was enjoying the free time, watching TV.
"A must go place", I told myself.

Where? Pusat Sains Negara
When? 28th April - 14th August 2009

For more info regarding this very unique and interesting exhibition, please kindly visit


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