Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Welcome to the month of Syawal. it's never to late to wish, isn't it? so, i also would like to take this oppurtunity also to welcome all the 3rd year medical studs of USM into CNS block. so big bang, rite? after the brain had being freezed for almost 2 weeks [due to Eid hols], u've got to work up, u've got to warm up. accelerate ur speed. and get the momentum to start all over again. i was like ..... [sigh~]. this is what u called as complexity of life. it is a life, anyways.

~ a step at a moment ~

~ don't be too rush, but don't be too slow. be moderate ~

so, i was looking back into the anatomy + physio about the brain & spinal cord. some revision had been done. and yet, i still feel that they are not enough. not much effort i put in, i supposed. study will never be enough. the more u study, the more u will realize that they are a lot of things more that u need to know. May Allah blesses me and my friends.

i presented a case last week. it was regarding the arterio-venous malformation. lots of reading materials that need to be read for the case report. back to study~!!


`Aainaa NR
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Medical Student Who Is Striving Hardly for M.D. [May Allah SWT blesses]

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