Thursday, October 2, 2008

power of 10 cents: say bye to poverty

Every year, an estimated 9.7 million children under the age of five die from largely preventable causes. Some are directly caused by illness such as pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria. Others are caused by indirect causes including conflict and HIV/AIDS. Malnutrition, poor hygiene and lack of access to safe water and adequate sanitation contribute to more than half of these deaths. Two thirds of both neonatal and young child deaths — over 6 million deaths every year — are preventable.

Since Sept 17th 1992 this day is commemorated as the “International Day for the Eradicaion of Poverty”. This coincides with the Global Peace Festival hosted by UPF .

One of UPF’s main goals happens to be to promote the Millennium Developement Goals of the United Nations, of which the first is to “eradicate extreme poverty”.

Be part of the combinations of these two great events contributing to making this world a better place, through raising awareness first!

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