Thursday, December 4, 2008

wanna be a neurosurgeon?

THE NEW STRAITS TIMES [4th December 08]

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's 62 neurosurgeons are "working themselves to death" to save lives.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad said this was because they were doing the work of double the number of neurosurgeons needed by the country. He added the country needed 150 neurosurgeons, or at least one to 200,000 people.

Currently, slightly more than half of the 62 neurosurgeons are in the private sector while the rest are in public service, including at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Malaya and Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Speaking at the 13th Asean Congress of Neurological surgeons and 8th Asean Neurosurgical nursing congress, Dr Latiff said the number of neurosurgeons was insufficient based on the 26 million population.
"The ministry is willing to offer the best in terms of financial and professional support to enhance human resource development in the neurosurgical field."

Some 500 medical professionals from Asean countries, Spain and the Middle East are participating in the four-day congress themed "Sub-specialisation and Modernisation of Asean Neurosurgery: Achieving Excellence in Patient Care", held in collaboration with the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies Education Course.

World Federation of Neurosurgical Society president Professor Dr Jacques Brotchi said the number of young neurosurgeons had increased in all Asean countries due to more established local training, improved quality and supply of advanced equipment, which had contributed to the development of neurosurgery.

"The congress is definitely a place for all participants to interact and learn new things in the field of neurosurgery."Also present at the event was Asean Neurosurgical Societies president Datuk Dr T. Selvapragasam.

to Ainaa & Dilla,
both of u may go and join him since our country is lacking of neurosurgeons despite of the increment in neuro cases. haha~


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Dr_Mawardi said...


baru nk wat entry pasai neurosurgeons nie.. hehe..

tp seperkara lg, most of neurosurgeons under government accumulate here..USM..

then dengar khabar angin mereka akan displit demi kesamarataan..

huhu. sedihkan?? nama APEX, supposedly net increase in specialties..not decrease!!

khabar angin!! so x pasti lg...

.............. said...

amboi mawar,ekau ngan aina semangat collect news dari NST=p

but wonderla aina,bila masa aku cakap nak jadi neurosurgeon?aku nak neurosurgeon tu je=p

`Aainaa Nur Raihana Abdullah said...

ainaa.. it's ok... u be one of those. then, u can be with him for most of the time.. tak nak ke? :P hehehe~~