Sunday, November 2, 2008

Woon Kai Foo

Happy birthday, Kai Foo!!!

Kai Foo is the one infront with the red sling bag.

May all ur wishes come true.. [i know that u must be wishing for a "cing cing" girlfriend, best academics achievement, and etc etc]

We [PBL 13 members] had a suprise celebration for Kai Foo's birthday.. u see.. Nanad said that we have to have a meeting tonite at 10pm. We have to, she said. i almost spoil it by saying why don't we made it earlier.. then, yasmin and su yin gave me some kind of "labial language [lips language]".. lucky me coz i understood..

during the so called meeting, only Kai Foo brought a pen and a book, while for most of us, we only brought our stomach.. haha~ to make a simple story simpler, we managed to suprise him.. Yay~!!!

Kai Foo then messaged us,
Hey my fellow pbl mate. thank you 4 the celebration. it was a real suprise to me. happy n warm. thanks for coming far n spending time 4 just my birthday. to b ketua of u all is such a wonderful experience. hopefully it was not a terrible experience 4 u all. gd9... B-)

what a message?? a long easy way to express the feeling.. haha~

later, i messaged him,
Of coz it is a terrible experience for us to have a very curious ketua like u.. But we are happy for that way coz u initiate us to study more.. Hopefully, ur wishes come true.. Hope u r happy with the new trial of the worst make up ever after.. Haha~ Happy birthday, Kai Foo!

owh yeah.. before i forgot, about the make up thingy. it was Hazwan who did it.. birthday cake on Kai Foo's young and energetic face.. very cruel Hazwan, and pity Kai Foo.. but what to do? it's the best traditional way of celebrating birthday.. owh yes, talking about traditional things, Kai Foo picked up the blown out candles by using his mouth.. owh no!!!! So disgusting!!!! [by the way, it was yasmin's command.. so need to be obeyed!!].. haha~


`Aainaa NR
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