Friday, August 22, 2008


yeah... for the very first time in my 3rd year life of being a medical student, i'm going to skip Thursday class which is on 25th Sept 2008 [anyway, the class is only about quiz + some feedbacks which don't contribute marks to our exam at all] Yay!!!!

i'll be back home on 24th of Sept 08 by flight on 3p.m.. i have asked Ayah to book the tickets.. and Ayah already booked the ticket.. Ayah booked the tickets for Faten and Alia as well.. i just can't wait for some more time.

ticket : RM 15.00
taxes : RM 53.50
total : RM 68.5o
so, it only costs us RM68.50 per pax.. darn!!! so cheap for the price of skipping a priceless class!!!! but, who cares? for the sake of Eid Mubarak, no body does seem to care!!! [yeah rite laa, aainaa!!! (^_^)]
`Aainaa NR
<<< (^_^) >>>
Medical Student Who Is Striving Hardly for M.D. [May Allah SWT bless]

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