Saturday, August 23, 2008

no time?

Gonna have Chess Master 2008 today. it's gonna be a hectic day [i supposed]. and there will be no time for myself to do my own things [things that i should be doing + pampering my own passion]. but no time? sigh~!! that's not the right word to describe [i think].. we are given 24 hours per day, and yet, no time? got to be kidding!!!
Dr. Sheikh once said, "You know when people come and tell me that they don't have time. Saya memang pantanglah bagi saya. To me that masa memang panjang sehari. We have 24 hours in a day. Usually, you have to be able to divide your time."
I listened to his advice. I started to think about it. And all of a sudden, my thought started to change. We do have 24 hours a day. I started to plan my daily life. Day by day, i plan. I don't have to plan a week ahead plan which could be not so fix. this is what i've always trying to do everyday since i heard his motivation: to be able to divide my time.
Motivation seems to be very good in shaping myself a future doctor [Insya Allah]. That is how you build your own mind perception. Whether you want to be in +ve or -ve, it's all up to you. But for me, trying to be the best you can be is already among the best parts of life.
Allah The Almighty send us to this world, not to enjoy our life for nothing. He send us for the sake of worshipping Him. whatever we do, and if we do it to fulfill our responsibility and of course for the sake of Allah, Insya Allah (with Allah will), we will be blessed by Him. When that happens, our life is filled with An-Nur [light (cahaya)] and our day will be much easier. How good that can be, right? just think about it.
`Aainaa NR
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