Friday, July 25, 2008

image & imagination

Yeah.. i was so busy and i am still busy.. lotsa things happened. and i even working on lotsa things till i don't really have the time for myself.. don't have much time on my passion which is reading the motivational book.. and i don't even finish reading one that i have started since my last week of holidays [the book is entitled Think & Grow Rich writen by Napoleon Hill, recommended by Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar]. I have been reading that book for almost a month, and i can't believe that i could not even finish it.. sigh~ how busy i am, huh? [wondering].

currently, i still could manage myself to cope with the work i should do. i even did extra job, which i didn't really have to do, and that was selling the 15 concert tickets. i helped ujai's group. as the first step, i promoted the tickes to my pbl-mates, but none of them seem to be interested in buying those. quite frustrated, but i need to prove that i could definitely finish selling those. the next step i took was promoting it through the SMS and also Google Talk, i managed to get few customers. Impressive!!! that was the word i told myself. and i managed to sell all those 15 + 7 extra tickets. i imagined myself to be a sales person, but i never know that i can be a GOOD sales person. haha~ guess what? i got a free pass for the concert. proud of myself :P hehe~ this shows that IMAGINATION does really work. Believe it!! and keep on praying to Allah SWT for that.. Insya Allah, u'll be what u have imagined. :)

on this upcoming 28th July, there will be a program called Junior Dr. it is participated by MRSM Taiping's students. i am the AJK Cenderahati. yeah~!! not really a hard task for me, as i had been the same AJK for the Kem Motivasi Bestari which was held for SMK Sultan Yahya Petra 1's students before. last week, rented Sal's Kelisa car for almost 4 hours, went around Kota Bharu, to buy a plaque which costs us RM 50 at Rex Trading, things for 4 hampers for RM 79, and also certificate papers for almost Rm32.. enjoyed myself over buying those things.. yeah~!! i love shop things, even though, those things are not for myself.. today, am going to wrap those things into 4 hampers with Nora.. yeah~! i'm currently waiting for Nora.. haihz~

tomorrow, i need to make a video as one of the ways to publicize Chess Master 2008 to this USM studs.. Chess Master 2008 is one of the annual projects under Hari Terbuka Desa.. and i am the AJK Publisiti for this year.. not much of things i do. have printed the entry forms for each lecture hall yesterday. went to Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pembangunan Pelajar [BHEPP] to authenticate the poster. 1st time of going to BHEPP for a matter like that made me to know and learn new thing. i gained an experience of how to do it. it wasn't as hard as i have been told. hehe~

learning new non-academic things is not a process u can get by reading the text book. u can only get it when u participate with these kinds of things. i learnt on many things, especially:
1) knowing my capability of doing job
2) expanding my capability of doing things that i had never learn and bother before
3) working well together with friends

and many many other things as well... i enjoy doing these things..
hopefully, i could get them done successfully.. Insya Allah...

`Aainaa NR
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Medical Student Who Is Striving Hardly for M.D. [May Allah SWT bless]

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