Friday, July 4, 2008

blast off

blast off to Kelantan for my studies purpose. going to be 3rd year medical student [Insya Allah]. May Allah bless me and my life.

to my frenzy-vacation friends, i will be uploading those great great great photos soon. please wait :) i enjoyed too much towards the end of my hols. little time i had coz too much of shopping was done. too much time was spent for that using my JPA's scholarship [since i had too much left]. no regrets at all. :D

to Sarah, it is so hard rite, to be in Klate? you can't act oddly. you can't do weirdo things. you can't dress strangely. haha~ anyways, best wishes for you. just adapt. :D

`Aainaa NR
<<< (^_^) >>>
Medical Student Who Is Striving Hardly for M.D. [May Allah SWT bless]

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