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kembara bandung [day 1 & day 2] - 260610 & 270610

"Reading books is important but that is not the only way to obtain knowledge!" - Dr. SMS.

Yeah! Reading is a good habit. No doubt! But I find that my soul suits more to this passion of traveling, rather than reading. I love to travel. It does not matter where i travel; inside, or outside of the country. The more important thing that matters here; I've got to get myself traveling to some unfamiliar places every year. And Insya Allah, I will continue this passion [as I know that I'll get green light from parents and if $$$ is enough].

Last year, I went to Queensland, Australia. Cik Tie's place. Alhamdulillah. Great moment!

And Alhamdulillah, this year, I managed to fly to Bandung, the City of Flowers! [the history said]

On my very first night, created a trouble! From airport, took the airport taxi which had cost me almost Rp 45,000 for 15 minutes drive. As I arrived, I had this instinct. I wanted to check on my passport. And click! The passport was not there! Owh man!!! I carefully checked the bag. Zipped and unzipped the pockets of my blue backpack. No! No! I could not find it. I told Mai. She said that I can be an Indonesian then. haha~ At that point of time, still could made me laughed worriedly. But deep inside my heart, I kept on praying, "O'Allah, please let this vacation be as smooth as before". Mai made a phone call to the taxi we had on our way back from airport to home. The taxi was then called Mai back. Yes! It was there! Alhamdulillah. I had the "sunshine" again!

Stayed at Mai's crib for a week. A great experience! Mai called Bandung as Shopping Heaven, but me? I called it as City of Foods! There are thousands and thousands of foods. Staying there for a week is not enough for me to eat them! I need more time, but what can i do? There are many other great things to do in the list. So, here are some photos to be shared with you guys...

Duit rupiah yang ada.
3 millions.
A millionaire a while.
But I told you, not enough!

250610- At LCCT; departure!
the flight took me 2 hours to get there.

Flight's Nasi Ayam

Day 1

On my very first day, I ate this!
Nasi Bebek Kremes Kalasan
Bebek is Itik [Duck!]. My first time of eating itik.
Brave enough to try.

There are too many Factory Outlets [FO].
One of the FOs.
But my intention of going there was not for shopping purpose, so, not much spent at FOs.

Mai was surveying the soft lenses for her Graduation Dinner.
That was my first time of seeing the soft lenses are displayed like above.
[Maybe I was not exposed enough to this matter in Malaysia]

Can you see the crowd?
This photo was taken after an earthquake.

When it happened, I was in the shopping mall, looking at some antiques of Indonesian crafts. I could not feel the earthquake. I was startled, when everyone was running down the escalator. It was such a panicking moment that stroked me! Mai grabbed my hand, and we ran out of the mall. I was thinking that there were robberies going on. Nonsense! But no lies! I was telling you guys the truth. haha~ First time I had such a moment. Precious!

We had yogurt at J.Co!
Cooling us down after a hot run!

Pets selling outside the mall.
This is my bestfriend, Mai!
The leader of our Pong-pang Girlz group.

Matanya besar.
Walaupun ia baik, jinak & manja, tapi saya tetap takut!

Mr. Chubby Grumpy

Day 2


Visitng ITB School of Pharmacy.

This is the info I got from Wikipedia about ITB;
In 1920, Pont planned and designed buildings for the first technical university in the Dutch East Indies, Technische Hogeschool te Bandung (the present-day Institut Teknologi Bandung), after which he was named as a professor in architecture at the university.

This is one of the buildings there.
Different building represents different school.
(If I'm not mistaken)

Front look.

Side look.

A striking local Javanese roof style is noticeably seen on top.

One of the attractions I found in ITB.
The best part of this was ...

these words.
"Sekali Teman, Tetap Teman"

Naik kereta kuda to Black Maria.

Nasi Kebuli Kambing, Black Maria.
It was cone in shape.
Delicious! Yum-yum!!

My day did not end there. We walked a distance. Less than 5 minutes, if you walk like a doctor. Reached Jalan Dago! Full with factory outlets along the road. Awesome for those shopaholics! If I stay here, my cash, will definitely run like tap water!


More FO

Kolam Ikan outside one of the FOs

The most fantastic about the FOs here is they have their own "musholla" or prayer's room. Praying is still, the most essential aspect in daily life. Important, still!! So, here, you don't have to worry about your prayer while you are shopping!

After went in & out of FOs, went home with angkot-angkot.

This is our main transport here; Angkot-angkot.
With Rp 1000 to Rp 2000, you can get to anywhere you want!

The best thing about this angkot-angkot is,
you will be entertained with "pemuzik jalanan"; pianist, violinist, guitarist and singer.
After the song, they will get their "paid".

This is how Bandung City looks from Mai's window.

Zooming in; you can see the arrangement of the houses.

Long list of Sundanese foods!

Simple dishes

Me and foods

Gurame Saus Padang

Bakso Kuah Sapi

sekian sahaja kembara Bandung untuk hari pertama & kedua. Insya Allah, will be sharing more about Bandung, and of coz they are all from my perspective.


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