Saturday, April 3, 2010

when it comes to an end

who said that medical students are bookworms?
we know how to enjoy ourselves very well too.
may be we quite lack in the aspect of general knowledge [as it requires reading some more],
but when it comes to traveling, we are number one too!!!

Cameron Highlands, Pahang

(March 25-27, 2010)

Perhentian Island, Terengganu
(March 30-31, 2010)

now, am left with about 4 hours at home before going back to campus. wasting few minutes with sis, playing tennis. not a real ones, just an xbox! modern lifestyle, i should say. had 3 matches. only won one. so bad! lack of practice, perhaps.

so, reminiscing myself. for the past march, i had been enjoying myself over and over again. i should stop, i suppose. as my year 4 life is coming to an end. but that's not me, i guess. so, i have decided to try enjoying myself in whatever i do [nak ikut nasihat ayah laa... Insya Allah]. that's it! enjoying myself, Insya Allah.