Wednesday, February 11, 2009

+ve thinking!!!

I had an orthopedics clinical session this evening.. yeah.. with Dr. Ismail Munajat.. a lecturer who will always smile, but ermmm… very SCARY with those basic but killing questions!!! Just been told by Jia Ni this morning, that I had to present the physical examination part… Ok! That’s FINE!! Very scared to death, man.. you see, I prepared nothing!!!! Sigh~ so, with the time limitation I had, I just prepared on whatever I could.. Read through the steps, so that those wouldn’t huru-hara.. [and yeah, I got messed up as usual. Typical `Aainaa!!!] sigh~ A lot of thing, I forgot and I did never heard of.. for example like, another way of checking the synovial fluid which seemed to be so not familiar before had been introduced.. what else, I got gelabah!!! Lucky me, coz he didn’t burst out. If not, dead me!!! I demonstrated on the way of doing Lachman’s test to the group if we are given “big limbs”, and suddenly he said, “You can be a good orthopedic surgeon”. Ok!! My hati seemed to be so melonjak happily, but my thought said, “Yeah!!! Only if I can memorize the anatomy well” [actually, I did say it out. Not sure if they heard it]. Haha~ it seems to be so true. Ok, rather than be too negative, why don’t I put that this way, “Anggap itu as one of the electrons that will strike other electrons which I already have, so that the energy from that strike will keep myself motivated”. Yeah!!! Just be positive.. Like Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar said, “What ur mind believes, the body can achieve”.


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